Which speaker is best for my Krell amp?

Can anyone help me to pick out one of the following speaker that will work best on my Krell-KAV250-a3 amp and Sunfire Pre-amp?

1. NHT 3.3
2. PSB Stratus Goldi
3. Mirage OM-7
4. AR-312HO
5. B&W N802

Or something that is not on my list but best bang for the buck.

Thanks in advance.
It might be worth you time to audition a pair of Dynaudios.

Happy Listening,

You may try Vienna Acoustics Mozart or Beethoven and add Rel sub to it you will not disappointed.
Thiel 2.4
I would love hear my VA hooked up to a Krell. Maby you can get an inhouse demo.

I've owend the NHT 3.3, and Goldi, and still own two KAV-250a amps and a KAV-250a/3. The 3.3 would probably be too "bright" on the top end, especially with a Krell. The Goldi would be good though. It's top end is better (not so bright), and while the Goldi's bass is very good, it is not the absolute "tightest", but the Krell should control the bass quite nicely. Mirage and AR are both a step down in performance. The B & W's aren't bad though, but don't have as good overall real world performance as the Goldi. They do some things very well, but I think are not as ultimately satisfying as the Gold1.
Pair of used Wilson Watt 3 Puppy 2 will be really great and could be the last speakers you need to buy. They sell used about $4200 in excellent condition. Also, consider the Von Schweikert VR-4 for about $1500 used, which could fit your "best bang for buck" request.
I must disagree with the statements above about the B&W's. First, the B&W's are the most expensive speakers on your list. I've owned 802N's and currently own 805N's. In my experience with B&W's, they require good upstream electronics, a lot of power (which you have), and exact placement. I was just shopping around for a new pair of speakers (I got the bug) and listened to about a dozen different different brands and when the dust settled I ordered a pair of 805N signitures. My regular 805N's will be up for sale shortly.

P.s - Last night I had some relatives over and we were watching CSI on the H/T rig in stereo. My brother-inlaw leaned over during a commercial and said "This is in surround sound, I can here things coming from behind me". I smiling and repleid "No, it's called imaging and sounstage", and then I gave him the short lecture on imaging.
The PSB Stratus Gold i's are perfect for your Krell. You can find them used in pristine shape for around 1200.00 It will cost you at least 100.00 to ship though.
Does it mean the PSB Goldi is better than the NHT 3.3? Krell is bright but I think the Sunfire pre-amp will compensate that. Will the NHT still sound bright in my set up?