Which speaker from a few years ago?

Hales T8, Aerial 10T, Meadowlark Blue Herron
Large room 18x46
Levinson 332 amps
want to be able to listen to my entire cd collection
or should I look at newer speakers in the 5k -6k range used
Thanks for the help
How about a used pair of Piega P-10's? They do it all and can be bought used for ~ $4500.00. Ribbon tweeters (front and rear) and they go down to 22Hz. It's a steal and I love mine.
That's a gigantic room that will make all speakers except those with prodigious bass sound tinny/hollow. Each of the speakers you mention is a very good speaker, but they all lack horsepower for a room of that size.

I rarely suggest this, but assuming you have two Levinson 332's, look at the B&W Nautilus 801. The Vienna Acoustics Mahler is another possibility. Both can be had used for $5k or less. If you can go up to $7k-$8k for a used pair of the original Revel Salons, that should also work.
If you want to be able to listen to all of your CD's you cannot get super detailed speakers.

I have B&W S800's and they sound wonderful with well recorded music, but other music can sound very thin or compressed.

I also have a pair of 20 year old B&W DM 3000's. I cleaned them up an dreplaced all of the capacitors with Claritycaps. These are unbelieveable speakers. When drived with my main system the do not get that very last bit of detail that the S800's have, but they have a warm tone (kind of like tubes) and just sound great with so much more music. They image very well, 3D and deep.

I have not heard them, but Sonus Faber may be what you are looking for. They are known to have a warm sound (which will make most of your recordings sound good). My only problem with their speakers is that capacitors need to be replaced about every 20 years. If you buy a 10 year old pair you have 10 years and time flys. They encase their crossovers in a hard plasticlike substance. You will have to replace the whole thing instead of just soldering in some caps.
10Ts are easy to live with, tolerant of bad CDs but still lively and engaging. Not the last word in soundstaging,
but when you look for good soundstaging the too-much-info
issue comes into play.
I had the Aerials for a few years and I recommend them.
How about dunlavy sc-v's.
I agree completely with Gerryn. The Piegas are fantastic speakers. BTW, Gerry, did you replace the Adagio with the Piegas?

Shakey: I did. But I still own the Adagios and they too are a fine speaker. The Piega is just a bit more to my liking with my room/setup.