Which speaker for "bright" room? Brand A, B orC?

The acoustic properties of a given room considerably impact a speaker’s performance. In your opinion, what is the BEST speaker ($4,000-$8,000) for an AWFULLY bright room? (Two channel audio)
I guess what it sounds like you're looking for is a speaker with a rolled off high end. Nowadays, even modestly-priced speakers have pretty decent high ends, and I don't know of any audiophile speakers that are really rolled off (almost by definition).

In addition to causing too much high frequency energy, a "BRIGHT" room can result in a high ratio of reflected to direct sound, and this can hurt your imaging and sound staging, as well as sound tizzy. I would recommend you consider damping the room down until it isn't really bright, then getting a good audiophile speaker whose sound you like. If necessary, you could add a room equalizer to smooth out the response. I know this sounds like you're taking away just to add back, but I really think this is the right approach.

Trying to buy a crummy speaker that will just exactly compensate for unquantified, unmeasured, bad room acoustics is probably not the way to go.
I'd say get the best speaker, and then acoustically treat the room-the high freq. are easy to deal with. Just don't get any omnidirectional thingies.
Fix the room as best possible and THEN look for speakers. Anything else would be like trying to plug a gaping wound with sand. Sure, the sand will stop the bleeding due to clotting, but you've got one helluva infection to deal with not too far down the road. Sean
I'm with Ezme & Sean. Let me add that, 1) speaker placement is important and can help,
2) "taming/ fixing" a room isn't a multi million $ headache... it starts with dampening 1st order reflections, using rugs, carpets, furniture, etc in a manner that can even be pleasing to the eye! Good luck!
i'd look for one of the high-end single-driver based speakers, as they're efficient as hell, easy to amplify, and don't have a seperate tweeter to extend to the high extremes. plus, there are many who believe that the single-driver speaker is the most sonically accurate, since it uses no crossovers. i've only heard a few, and they were all sonically amazing. check out the speakers on tis website, as they're the best single-drivers i've ever heard.


or you could treat the room and buy whatever you want.

good luck, man!
A choice you may consider is Spendor SP-100. I've personally
have not heard this model, however, I've owned the little
S 3/5. (A wonderful musical spk.) Another to consider,
Harbeth Monitor 40. Dampen your listening room as so many others have suggested. Bill
I agree with the others who say to treat your room 1st. Try the Audio Asylum and read the info in Jon Risch's website.


What are your room dimensions? Describe the surfaces. Describe your current setup. It is possible that you may not have the ideal placement currently and that may add to an already "bright" room. I have heard major differences in a room just by small adjustment in speaker placement.

Feel free to email me directly if you prefer.
fix the room, its a lot cheaper and will yield better sound