Which speaker for classical and jazz listening?

I have narrowed my choices to either the Focus 20/20 or the Silverline Sonata III. I would appreciate any thoughts as to which is better from your first-hand knowledge. I cannot audition either where I live and your opinions will be most helpful. Thanks.
I am a new owner of the Legacy Focus, not the 20/20, but I know that the Focus play just about any type of music very well. better than any other speaker I have owned or auditioned. Bass is big tight and musical and mids highs and vocals are something special .My room is only 13'9" x 14'6" and they still sound remarkable, I do use some bass traps and other acoustical treatments and will be doing some fine tuning in the near future to see if these can be approved upon. Can't imagine improving them much more though.

As for the Silverline Sonata III, I have not heard these speakers, but heard of them and i understand they are pretty impressive as well, nice looking too.

Hope this helps a bit.
Given those two choices, I would go towards the Silverline Sonata III's. I find the Focus more dynamic, but the Silverline's are smoother and image better.