Which speaker did TAS put in place of Gallo 3

So, in the last TAS issue of recommended components, there was no mention of the Gallo Ref. 3.1 -
Which speaker in that price range did they say they thought sounded better for the money? Because of the variable price of the Gallo, after you add a sub base amp and the stands, it's confusing as to where the line is drawn on its price.
I couldn't figure it out.

In the last recommended issue which was I believe the Editors Choice awards in October 08 the Gallo was still there. There was another recommendation issue right after that which had much fewer items in it and the Gallo was gone. I dont think I would read too much into it. My net takeaway after going thru 4-5 recent issues while I look for new speakers is there are lots of choices out there and the key is to listen. I did that on a recent trip after initially being wowed by the 3.1s and found a couple of speakers that I think are far better in the same $3k aprpox range. The biggest lesson I learned is trust your ears with music you know well and see what new detail etc surfaces. Just a suggestion.
Joekapahulu - Hi, just out of curiosity, what do you feel the other players are at $3k?

Rolloff - As time goes on, newer products will push older ones off of the magazines' lists. This doesn't mean the older products are "less good", it's just that people want to read about new stuff. Also, it's in TAS's best interests to push newer stuff, for more ad revenue. They are a business, after all.
Is Gallo dis-continueing the 3.1s,in favor of the 3.5.Or will they still build both?
Goatwuss makes some valid statements concerning TAS/magazine reviews.
TAS ranted and raved about the ASR Emitter II and now its not on any of there lists. If you like the product thats all that counts. If your equipment must be on their list you are gonna go thru a lot of gear.
Thanks all for the coments. I still like my Gallos w the Brightstar stands and the sub base amp. I liked them before all the extras too. Sometimes I get the upgrade bug and try to look for the next component to change in my system. I know that room treatments would probably make a bigger difference than would the change of any of my existing components. I just had the feeling that maybe technology had moved the bar upwards, as far as speakers went, and perhaps something newer would be an improvement.
I can't imaging Gallo would sell the 3.5 and a 3.1 version.
Here is the answer. I corresponded with Gallo Acoustics, and they have informed me that the 3.1 will be discontinued, but that they will be coming out with another pruduct later this year or early next year in that price range. The 3.1 will apparently be upgradeable to the 3.5, though the price of that upgrade is to be determined.
I'm considering buying a pair of 3.1s from a local dealer... They are currently "on sale" for $2,600. I wonder if he might know they are being phased out...
This news kinds of wrecks my plans. I had planned to purchase a single 3.1 for a center channel when I purchase a projection screen, but I had not planned to purchase a projection setup for about four to five years. Now, if I upgrade my 3.1 to a 3.5, which I may be willing to do depending on the cost, and purchase a single 3.1, I've got a different center channel speaker from the mains. I know I do not want to spend the money to upgrade a single 3.1 for a center channel, nor would I want to pay for a single 3.5 for a center channel. Decisions, decisions.
Jamesgarvin,Wouldn't the AV Reference work for the center-channel? Who knows,maybe a 3.5 center in the works.
a single reference 3.1 is not that much more than a reference center, so, for the extra few bucks, I would get a center that was exactly the same as the mains, which is the ideal configuration in a home theater setup.
The 3.1 is only sold in pairs. So it's very doubtful you could get single 3.1 for a center anyway.
This is not true. Both Gallo and my dealer confirmed for me that I could purchase a single reference 3.1. When I corresponded with them about this approximately a little more than one year ago, they confirmed that Anthony Gallo himself uses three 3.1s in his home theater setup.
That's interesting, I hadn't contacted Gallo about it, but I had read that they were only available as pairs.
Thanks for the correction.
P.S. The place I'd read this was my owners manual...

"The Nucleus Reference3 speakers are sold in mirror-imaged pairs"
I presume what the manual is referring to is that when you buy them in pairs, you are buying a mirrored pair, as opposed to a non-mirrored pair, rather than you can only buy them in pairs.
Agreed James, but when I read it in the manual it struck me as that was the only way they were sold.
Again thanks for the correction.