Which speaker cables for Ayre & JM Lab

Here is the system:

Wadia 301 CD player
Ayre K5-X evolution preamplifier
Ayre V5-X evolution amplifier
JM Lab Utopia Diva BE Speakers

Interconnect are Siltech SQ-28G5 XLR
I also use a Hydra-2 (amplifier) and Hydra-4 (Cd and preamp) with Python Alpha.

I am looking for speaker cables and here are some contenders (I can't audition every cables at home so I am asking for your help):

Silver Audio Silver Symphony 48
Virtual Dynamics Master
Purist Audio design Venustas

What do you think ? Your suggestions are also welcome.

Thank you
I also have divas. Ridge St Audio Poeima bettered Audience 24 and Kimber 3033 in my sys..
Utopia, Your question should capture quite a few audiophiles attention, and because I'm very impressed with and I love the combination of equipment you've selected in the Wadia, Ayre, JM Lab, and " Siltech," I'm going to bite, even though I don't know anything about your other gear, I'm sure it's excellent. So, my opinion is very simple. Assuming you love the wonderfull balanced Siltech interconect, why not go with a wonderfull Siltech speaker cable that you can afford, so you can keep the chain as consistant as posible. Stop worrying and just enjoy the music. Wadia, Ayre, and JM Lab,all wired with siltech, seems sweet to me.
Having heard the brands you listed in my tube system and SS system I prefer the Ridge Street Audio Poeima. Keep in mind all interconnects and speaker cables can be system dependent.
I agree with Gslone. Stick with Siltech. Also, I have to share this; my Mini Utopias love Walker High Definition Links.
I have a total Ayre System with Wilson Sophia 2 speakers. I have heard power cords and cables make subtle differences such as Shunyata in a friend's system. On a lark, I tried some VIRTUAL DYNAMICS power cords. The improvement in soundstage, detail, and musicality in my system was not subtle, but staggering, astounding! (Do a search on here for the rest of the postings on Virtual Dynamics Cable and see also what others are saying.)

I now have my entire system wired with VIRTUAL DYNAMICS power cords and cables, which are a relatively good deal financially, and my audiophile friends simply cannot believe it. It is THAT GOOD. I recommend caling James in Sales at VIRTUAL DYNAMICS
Ayre equipment and VIRTUAL DYNAMICS cable is a marriage made in HEAVEN!
But wait a minute....corect me if I am wrong....isn't Ayre gear internally wired with Cardas ??????
Ordered Cardas Golden Reference power cords for my Ayre system before trying the Virtual Dynamics power cords. After listening to both brands, it was no contest. I returned the Cardas and bought more Virtual Dynamics. It is THE REAL DEAL !

You are obviously a major supporter of Virtual Dynamics cords, as has been witnessed on several posts. Please be specific of which model cords in their line have worked for you, adding what specific benefits you realized as you upgraded in the line. For those of us who are new to Virtual Dynamics, we need to know which specific ones worked with your specific equipment, and incremental benefits experienced with each upgrade. Calling James is great but I'd rather have recs from a member. However, your full-throttled support is now beginning to make me a little uneasy, to be honest. Are you benefiting in any
manner from these recs? Take it from another enthusiastic supporter of a particular manufacturer (with no business ties), overzealousness can make some reluctant to investigate because it comes across too much as an ad from one of the audio rags.

This is not a criticism, I commend you for your enthusiasm, but more specifics would be appreciated. And of your current experience rather than in the potential of an upgrade.
I assure you I am in no way connected with Virtual Dynamics but I have a very enthusiastic personality, and when I discover something transcendant that absolutely thrills me, I rant and rave. I have spent close to 10K with them so they are not giving me a damn thing other than magnificent sound. This enthusiasm is just me. I am the same way about Ayre Acoustics equipment, across the board. And the Wilson Sophia 2s are simply the best for the money. I am old and this comes with a lifetime of discovery and learning. Virtual Dynamics cables and power cords transcend any I have ever experienced, and I never dreamed possible cables and cords could make such a transformation in an already good system.
Hope this answers part one of you observation, and my final setup is:

1. Speaker cable -- Master LE, spade terminations, 8'
2. Ayre preamp to Ayre power amp -- Master LE, XLR, 3 m.
3. Ayre CD/SACD player to preamp--Master LE, XLR, 1 m.
4. Power cord on CD/SACD player -- Old style Revelation, 5'
5. Power cord on preamp -- Old style Revelation, 5'
6. Power cords on amps -- 2 Master LE, length 7' and 10'


Hope this helps and puts an end to your curiosity....

Oh, and from the bottom up I truly believe the Virtual Dynamics line bests anything else out there, so in terms of upgrades.... just start with the best level you can afford and I feel sure you will be very happy....
Great News! My Master LE came today so the "final setup" is complete. (see previous three posts) It is of course not fully broken in but it already sounds even better than I had hoped. Everything is so life size and detailed and musical, and the soundstage and image focus is wonderful. It is also able to cut to the chase and bring forth the heart and soul of the musical performance. Very moving and emotional experience...

As I responded earlier on Audiogon, they are not giving me anything for my praise, but when I first talked with Rick at Virtual Dynamics, he asked me to feel free to say anything I felt about the Virtual Dynamics cables on Audiogon, even negative. Well I can't find any negatives, only thrillingly involving sound, far beyond what I thought my system was capable of producing, and light years ahead of my long beloved Transparent Reference cable which I was using throughout the system. One hassle is the cable is somewhat troublesome and time consuming to install, it is so hefty, but they don't hide that fact up front. It is well worth it.

Yes, talking with James or Rick IS great. Rick will talk you to death, and he is the world's hottest salesman (LOL), but to his credit, everything he told me has borne true, and I am so thankful I discovered his company. I got a good deal on my Transparent trade-in, and the deals on B-stock were surprisingly affordable....but by no means cheap. I can't give them a stronger recommendation.