Which speaker cables???


I am looking for a speaker cable and IC upgrade for my systems. I curently own MIT 750/330 Shotguns. My reset of the system is :

Mark Levinson ML39 CD/PRE
Mcintosh Mc352
B&W Nautilus 802

I have been doing some auditioning at home and tried the following speaker cables:

1. Cardas Golden Reference and Golden Cross IC - nice over all but not enough details and extensions.

2. Nordost SPM speaker cables and IC - great base and mids very detailed and extended, The highs were thin and for some reason it was sounding lifeless...

3. MIT Oracle V4 and 350 CVT IC, awesome imaging, great detail, quite extended, decent base and nice mids and highs every thing I need but again I didn't feel the presence of the performer.

4. Tara Labs "The One" speaker cables and MIT 330 shotgun IC. Wow, great details, nice highs, fluid mids, but soft bass and over all it was not very extended. Could the IC be the problem ? However I could feel the performer right infront of me - very life like presentation.

I like both the Oracle V4's and Taras "The One" But if only the Oracles had the "life like presentation" or the Taras had the Bass and extensions and detail of Oracles?

Can any one tell me if I mix Oracles V4 with Tara IC (the One or likes) will I be able to get the quality I am looking for. Or can I some how get the Bass and extensions and more deatils in Tara ?

Or any other cables that might work in my setup?

Try Pure Note www.purenote.com. They are very neutral in my system (ML Requests and Krell). FWIW.
Sounds like your budget is quite high indeed; however, I'm currently breaking-in a pair of Zu Cable Wax shotgun bi-wire speaker cables and am achieving great results so far. Zu Cable is a relatively new company and their products can be had for a great price on Audiogon and Ebay auctions. Having had sold audio equipment in the past, I can state that price is not necessarily a reliable guide to quality and/or sound. Check out their website @ Zu Cable.com or do a search on Audiogon or Ebay. They sell factory direct and have prior design experience from Kimber Select and others. Cutting out the dealers saves you a lot of $$$$$$$. Plus, they have a money back guarantee, something most dealers do not give their customers.
Acoustic Zen has many of the properties you seem to be looking for. I'd give them a call and see if you could set up a demo of either their Satori or Hologram cables(they're very customer oriented). Oodles of midrange, lots of detail, and plenty of extended bass. While you're at it you might want to demo their interconnects as well--I'd start with the newly reformulated Matrix Reference which also really fleshes out the midrange and should nicely complement your B&Ws(I use Silver Reference from source to pre and Matrix Reference from pre to amp along with shotgun bi-wire Satori cables). Best of luck.


Thanks everyone for the response.

I tried the Acoustic Zen (Satori and silver reference) from a local dealer, he didnt have the bi-wired version.

Simply put, they just didnt work for me... solid bass, but very metalic sound, stage shrunk, lacked depth, not very extended, couldnt listen for more 30 minutes.

Sahotas-IN HOME TRIAL is the best thing I can suggest for you. I know people who use all of the cables on your list and swear by them, if you can't get them in your system forget it, to me its not worth the risk on hear-say. That being said I would add Jena Labs to your list, they are the answer to my cable delema in fact I don't even think of replacing my cables anymore check them out they may be for you www.jenalabs.com. ~Tim
I second the Zu WAX cables! They are great. Most of the cables in my system are from Zu. Wonderful company to deal with and the money back if you are not satisfied policy is extra nice. They also have a trade up policy!
Hi Sohatas - I have those very MIT cables, they are not currently in my system but I swapped them in last night just for the heck of it. I have several sets of cables from various manufacturers laying around and every once in a while I do that - but I do have a reference set that is unbeatable in my system. I almost think you have to have lots of cables around available to listen to so you know what is best in your system - 'cause I don't own a bad cable but synergy is everything. For me, I never mix interconnects but I do believe ic's and speaker cables can and maybe should be different. I think the amp and speaker interface stands on it's own once the ic's get the signal to the amp. That philosophy is probably why I have so much wire laying around!!! Your ears are the judge and jury...
SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH CABLES are the way to go! I have tried/used Many different Interconnects AND Speaker Cables over the years and I always seem to go back to Synergistic Cables. Very Liquid, Detailed,and Large Sound Stage! I presently use ALL Synergistic Interconnects ( Resolution Reference XLR w/ Active Shielding ), Synergistic Speaker Cables ( New X Series : Signature 10 w/ Active Shielding ), and Synergistic AC Power Master Cables ( also, Resolution Reference ). You just got to demo/listen to them - you'll be amazed on there sound for the $. I'll match them for sound/money to ANY Cable at TWICE the Price. Good Luck.
I am enjoying Kimber Bifocal XL's with my N802's and consider them a good match. They certainly don't color the sound. You get what you got.
Try some Magnan Signature speaker cables. Contact Audiokinesis, Duke will advise.