Which Speaker cable works best with Levinson gear?

With my system I am using Dynaudio C2s and the do make great music. I just replaced interconnects from Nordost SPM to the CZ Gels (Balance) which made a BIG difference. I ‘m using Virtual Dynamics Nite PCs on my Pre Amp (ML 380s), amp (ML 23.5) and CD Player (ML 390s).

The biggest problem I have right now is which speaker wire will work best with my setup, the Nordost SPM is not doing it for me, it rolls off the highs and is unable to go deep into the bass.

What I am looking for is a speaker wire that can go top to bottom, and very dynamic and will give me the most out of my system.

I would certainly appreciate any comments.

Purenote cables may work great in your system www.purenote.com

Sonic Genius' Reference Stereo System a/o July 2003:

Martin-Logan Prodigy speakers.
Krell FPB400cX power amp. Modified with IEC power inlet.
Krell KCT preamp.
Sony SCD-1 SACD player.

Sutherland PHD phono preamp (battery).
VPI TNT-HR-X turntable, JMW 12.5 tonearm.
Grado Statement phono cartridge.

Pure Note Epsilon Reference XLR, RCA cables. Rev. 4.0
Pure Note Epsilon Reference speaker cables. Rev. 4.0
Siltech Compass Lake XLR interconnects.
Pure Note Sigma power cables.
I'm quite happy with the Synergestic Solid State Reference cables between Levinson Amps and WP7's.
I have been looking and reading about the Synergistic Designer's Resolution Reference, and at this time that one of my top picks.
Transparent MusicWave Super MM or Ultra MM speaker cables matches Mark Levinson amps quite well. I use a pair of MusicWave Super XL from my ML 331 to a pair of Wilson Watt 3 Puppy 2.
Try the new nordost valkyrja, if you can stretch it the valhalla will do.
I just made a deal with someone on the audiogon for Nordost Valhalla speaker cable, just waiting for it to arrive.