Which speaker cable for upgrade

I'm sure this has come up before but I'm ready to address my next upgrade which will be speaker cables. My hi-fi store is pushing me towards Kimber Kable, the 4TC series. I presently use Monster XP Clear Jacket speaker cable. My speaker runs are as follows: Left main 30', right main 10', center channel 24' and surrounds I will not upgrade. This is an unbalanced set up and can not change the receiver location. All B&W loudspeakers with a Rotel RSX- 1057 A-V 5.1 receiver.

My goodness, there are so many brands out there to choose from (Kimber, Monster, Tara Labs, Nordost, Shunyata, Acoustic Research, Audioquest, on and on). It's overwhelming and it's an area I haven't studied much on but I'm about to. Right now the Monster is serving me well. I like to feel the bass and subwoofer in my bones. I don't want to upgrade to a more polite sterile sound. Just the opposite. Warm, good punch and slam yet improved soundstage and detail. What would some of you recommend? What are the differences in these brands? I listen to a lot of smooth jazz (Ritenour, David Benoit, Larry Carlton, Norman Brown, etc) classic rock, blues, a lot of Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, etc.

I shop at two B&W dealers. One pushes and sells Monster and the other Kimber. The first one had been selling Kimber but changed brands. Don't know why.

I'd like to ask the forum which one of these brands would bring what I'm seeking to the table? The Kimber 4TC is $6.00/ft. If I go with the Kimber at $6.00/ft, I will not bi-wire. Can't justify the cost. Thanks much.
Why don't you bring your Monsters in to the store and A-B them with the dealer's Kimbers? If this can be done, you won't be able to listen with identical unequal runs, of course, but if you can't hear any difference with them now, it shouldn't make any difference in the comparison.
I have B&W 803D mains, HTM2D center, DS8S surround and in-ceiling CCM-65 backs. B&W speaker like power, heavier gauge wire than the 4TC and absolutely bi-wire them.

The best I've heard the non-diamond series is with the Rockfeller by AQ with their Coloroado inteconnects (Niagara and Sky even better but too pricey for most). The Rockefeller is desgined to be bi-wired and is the same cost as the CV-8.

Do this and you'll get he sound you are looking for.

The B&W speaker without the dismond tweeters are forward to begin with and the 4TC or Monster will make it even worse. Only Kimber's upper range speaker cables that have some silver in them will help you obtain the sound you want but at a much higher cost than the AQ Rockefeller bi-wired.

I use AQ Gibralar with the speakers with diamond tweeters but they were too bright when I had a HTM3S center with the aluminum tweeter and used a double run of CV-8 for them and it sounded great. The CV-8 and Rockefeller are the same price but the Rockefeller is set-up geometrically to be bi-wired and has a ferrite type material on the ngative conducors which the CV-8 doesn't.

Find a AQ dealer and they should have some demo cables for you to try out in your system.
Thanks everyone. Excellent info and recommendations. I should have specified the type of B&W's I have. They're not ones with the the diamond tweeters. They are two DM603 S3's, HTM61 center, ASW600 sub, two M-1's for surrounds. In light of this, do you have any new recommendations? I'll look at the Rockefellers and Gibralters by AQ. WOuld you still recommend them for the non diamond tweeter B&W's? I see the consensus is to bi-wire. Thanks.