Which speaker cable?

Would like some input for a new set of speaker cables. I am running a Rotel 1095 amp (5 ch) and would like to upgrade from my monster cables. I will be running the new cable to B&W's 805 Nautilus and B&W HTM2 center. The rear channels have been already wired into wall speakers and I wont replave them for another year. I've heard a set of 803's with Kimber, but not a before & after. Wanting a tighter bass and cleaner highs if possible through the wire. So, input please as to makes, models and costs.
I can't speak for your system and synergy, but there is a pair of used Luminous Renaissance for $85 or so and another for $150ish (new price is $200-$300, I think). They are extrememly fairly priced (considering how ridiculous cable prices can be) and a deal at full retail price, but the used price is amazing. I replaced a pair of Cardas Golden Cross ($1200 used at the time) with the Renaissance and felt they were better in almost every way. They may have been a bit more forward in the upper mids than the Cardas, but they improved on the overall resolution by a huge amount and the bass struck me as more realistic and defined. I preferred the Audience AU24 and the TG Audio wire to the Renaissance, but both are many times the price.

I would try a variety of suggested wires and see which you prefer. There can be quite a huge difference between brands, and all will likely react to your system in different ways. Good luck...
When i was running B&W 801 matrix i was using Monster M1 or M1000 can't remember which.
Upgraded to Audiotruth Argent bi-wires ( midnight on lows )and noticed quite an improvement in overall performence. Much better detail,quicker and tighter bass response.
4cranch, Here is a short, but insightful, perspective on audio cable. I find it an interesting read. It explains some of the basics of design and materials usage. Bottom line, they are a great sounding value.

Happy reading.

Audioquest sterling- if you can afford it. Nothing compares
The cheap and good working solution:
Go to home depot and get a roll of 100 ft 16 AWG sold core copper ( $8.20 ) and make twisted pair for each + and -.
This will give you 13 AWG and it will be much cleaner and tighter sound than the monster cable.
Phild is correct about cabling and system synergy. My entire system is cabled with Acoustic Zen, however I switch back and forth between AZ Hologram II and Audience AU24 depending on my mood.

I slightly prefer the AU24 for its more pronounced and lively midrange, while the Hologram II has better extension at both frequency extremes and a slightly more balanced nature.

It sounds like the Acoustic Zen might be more to your liking, so you might consider the more affordable Epoch series of Acoustic Zen speaker cables.

Good luck!
I have the same amp and speaker setup as you (check out my system), and chose to use AudioQuest GR-8 cables (mostly because I needed cables for the long runs to the rear speakers, and wanted to use the same cable throughout my system). There are better cables out there, but for the money, the GR-8 cables are hard to beat.

One thing I've come to realize lately is that power (electrical) and speaker placement greatly affect the sound of my system. Moving my speakers 6-inches back towards the wall and running my RMB-1095 through a Furman power conditioner made a significant difference.
Check out signalcable.com- look at the audiogon feedback and particularly the positive-feedback review as my experience with their speaker cable parallels the reviewer's.
What do you folks think about speaker cables with "networks" built in? I was recently talked into trying out some MIT AVt3 speaker cables, which incorporate networks near the speaker side of the cable. So far, I have not been incredibly impressed. The midrange detail did seem to pop out a bit, but I think I may have lost some low end (although some of that may be to the increase in perceived mids). I may build some Canare Quad cables to compare and see if I notice a difference. I had been using some cheap 16 guage Radio Shack wire before I picked up my new Thiels, so that's all I have to compare against for now.

Any feedback on what "networks" do, and if they are desireable or not would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tom.