which speaker?

ok, my equip is pretty low-brow; I have a Kenwood receiver that is 80W x 5, 3 digital outputs. I use a sony PS2 as DVD/Cd player with optical output to the Kenny. I have HDTV setup. Speakers currently are wharfedale bookshelf diamond 8.1s, wharfedale valdous center, and a kenwood sub that came with receiver (not self-powered). My question is, in my search for better sound within price range that my other half won't kill me for I have come down to KEF Q5s for about 600-650 - connect with good cable, push the little wharfe's to the back or go old school with some Dahlquist DQ-10s up front (crossover + new caps done on them 2 years ago) and put the few hundred bucks I save into a fund for a Denon AVR-5803A, Pioneer Elite VSX-59txi, or the new NAD receiver (773?).
Seemslike with either speaker selection I will also need to upgrade sub in near-future. I also will probably upgrade DVD player as well.

Which is the best choice for my beginning journey - the KEF Q5s or the Dahl DQ-10s
Personally I would buy a pair of PSB Stratus Silver i's. If your patient you can find a pair for around 750.00(maybe cheaper) I have a pair I use as my rears in my home theatre setup. I have had the Stratus Golds and Silvers and consider them to be a terrific bargain. Their a good looking floor standing speaker to boot. As you upgrade if your finances are limited I would concentrate on one piece at a time. Instead of spreading your money thin on 2-3 pieces I would buy one piece at a time that I would be happy with for a long time. Also do your homework. Read as much as you can. Scan the Audigon classifieds. Become familiar with used pricing. If your patient and know what your looking for you can find some unbelievable bargains. Good luck.
i have no experience with the kef'f but i can tell you that the dq-10's wont cut it,they need much more power than you have to come alive!

Yep, I'm with Bigjoe on the Dq-10's...I have owned them years ago. Paradign, Psb, B&W come to mind...also, maybe Axiom and VMPS. If you can build a kit...great bang for buck can be had.

Start with a new sub. It will ad a lot of life to your wharfdales by alleviating some stress. A good sub will also allow you to set the receiver to small speakers which should put a lot less strain on the amp/receiver. I've been told that a good sub crossed over at 80hz can effectively triple your available wattage since bass is so power hungry (Janus Audio puts that in their literature).