Which Sound Set Up if Any

Which of these set up do you think is best? Or if you think one set of speakers would sound better with another, or one subwoofer is the best, or even better that I listed; What would you say?

Thank you all again for responding so quickly to my last post. What do you think of this for a set up:

Denon 2808ci, 2- Aperion 632LR book shelf, Aperion Intimus 5c Center Channel and a Cambridge P300HD subwoofer.


Denon 2808ci, 2- Von Schweikert VR-2, LCR 15 center, HSU VTF-3 MK3 subwoofer


Denon 2808ci, 2- B&W Nautilus 805, B&W LCR600 S3, DB604S3, Aperion S-10 subwoofer

For DVD, I was thinking Oppo 981HD, or do you think I should stick with a Denon player (29xx) considering the Denon receiver.

If you think there would be a better receiver please let me know. I would like hdmi for the fact that I have a nice 46'' TV. Or do you think its best to leave the receiver out of it and let the other equiptment handle the decoding?

Do you think with any of these set ups I need a pre amp? Finally if you have a better idea for a mix and match, or set up; please let me know. Everyone, thank you so much again for your fast feed back and excellent advice, it is truly appreciated.
Also what would be a good 3 channel, decently priced, amp?

In my last thread Rotel seemed to be the way to go. Any other suggestions? Thanks all!
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The Von Schweikert route would be good but I would seriously look at the matching VS-1 sub to go with it for matchings sake.