Which Sony: SCD-1, XA777ES or XA9000ES?

IYHO, which Sony is better for 2 channel and what makes it better?

I think the SCD 1 is very good.
The SCD-1. Take a look at Audio Asylum on this, there are a lot of posts on this topic on the Hi-Rez Highway forum. The big difference is the transport, which was a cost-no-object job on the SCD-1 and, according to the posts I recall, a much better unit than the subsequent models. Sony pulled out the stops for its initial flagship, has not improved on it yet for two-channel playback, concentrating more on multichannel and cheaper mass-market models.
I have heard all three of these players in my system. There's no doubt that the SCD-1 is better built. The problem is that better sound is in the ears of the beholder and the term best might not sound the best to you.
I favored the xa777es over the others personally. I found its slight softning of transients to work better with the myriad of crappy cd's out there. I think the SCD-1 is better in absolute audiophile terms but I personally think the xa777es is more musical with about 90%+ of the stuff out there. It is on par with about anything in SACD playback
I have been very satisfied with mine. I honestly liked it better than the SCD-1 and it sure initializes disks faster.
I didn't like the xa9000es quite as much as the other two even though its construction is almost an exact copy of its predecessor. It doesn't sound quite as pristine---but here again, that's me.
Well I will put a different twist on this one...I have not had a SCD-1 in my system so I will only talk about the other two...I had an XA777 and loved it on SACD but did not care for it's redbook performance...it seemed a bit harsh and edgy to me...I prefered my XA7ES and used them jointly depending on CD or SACD...both were stolen in Dec. so I replaced them with the XA9000ES and, although I have not had the 777 and 9000 at the same time, I think the 9000 on redbook is superior to the XA7ES on redbook and even smoother and more musical via my memory than the 777...
I've auditioned the 9000 and was impressed, but too much $$$$. I took my old used 555ES and sent it to Matt Anker at CD MODS in Ohio{www.cdmods.com]. Had all 5 channels modified, with the most important work on the two fronts. This is the best sounding SACD/CD multi disk payer I've ever heard. This thing blows away stock 777ES & the 9000 in both redbook and SACD. The total cost is half of what a 9000 costs! It's unbelievable!!!
Does IYHO mean 'in your honorable opinion'? thanks

Actually, I was thinking "humble" opinion.

I've come to realize just about all of the opinions expressed here are humble...

LOL! ...ouch, my side....I kill me....