Which song you would love to wake up to?

The other day I had set-up my bedside alarm clock to play the radio at the designated time, I was pleasantly surprised that at the very precise moment the song "Morning has broken" started to play. I have always loved this song and it happens to be my favourite Cat Stevens song. I felt so good that it did not take me long to get out of bed and feel energized somehow. Normally if I use the buzzer, I would end-up using the snooze button a few times before actually getting out of bed. Lazy me!

Another alternative would be the song by Johnny Nash "I can see clearly now. A really upbeat and feel good song

If you had an alarm and were able to set up a recording to wake up to like an alam clock with a built-in cd player/MP3 player, which song/music would you ideally like to wake up to to start your day?

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I tried waking to music a few times and felt nauseous. Prefer some sort of gentle alarm sound that increases in volume. Music is art, not noise to kick ya alive. I like to wake to relative quiet and find I slept a few hours more than usual .... and .... it is a long weekend!
Phil Collins, Another day in paradise.
James Brown, "Sex Machine". Mostly because they sing "get up, get on up" over and over again
woke up, got outa bed, dragged a comb across my head...