Which Solid State amp 2k used? Krell?

I'm considering changing my amplifier and for some reason I can't quite put my finger on, Krell appeals to me. Here's the set up: Oracle DelphiIV/SME345/Grado Reference on a marble slab, Lehmann Black Cube phono section, BAT VK30 preamp, YBA CD Integre on a Bright Star base, Magnum Dynalab on a Bright Star Base, Classe DR-8 amp on a 1" thick marine grade plywood base, Martin Logan Quest Z's. IEC power cords are Synergistic Research Master Couplers for preamp, Lehmann Cube, and amplifier. YBA CDP has the high-end YBA cord, speakers are MIT Z-Cord II's, tuner has it's own cheesy captive cord. IC's are a mix of custom cables from Classe, YBA, and Audioquest. Speaker wires were built by Classe for me many many years ago, eight 8' runs. I had two DR8's and sold one, so I'm running a single stereo amp in bi-wired mode. I listen to a wide range of rock music, with a little classical and blues thrown in every now and then. The sound just isn't full or authoritative enough; everything I've heard about Krell amplifiers are they fill the bottom end out and provide plenty of muscle. Any and all opinions for a good amplifier to match up with my system is much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
This maybe inappropriate but try the Aragon 8008bb. It provides very low and tight bass for my hungry Aerial 10t.
Martin Logans love to be Bi-amped. The Krell is probably a good choice for the bottom end. I don't really care for the Krell I have heard on the panels of Martin Logans. I'm speaking of older Krell models--not the FPB series. The older Krell's were a little harsh on the panels. I'm using a pair of KMA 160's on the bottom end of Martin Logan Monoliths, and I do think the Krell is a good choice for bass. I would have thought the two DR-8s would have sounded very good. Keep in mind--Martin Logan's are not the greatest rock speakers. I doubt any amplifier is going to give you the authoritative sound you are looking for--for that nothing really beats a dynamic or horn speaker.
Jeff! You might want to consider (in this price range) the Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks. I have a pair and they are very musical and revealing, they never run out of oomph! My music has never sounded better since I replaced my Audio Research amp. Check them out at odysseyaudio.com or call (317)299-5578 and talk with Klaus. This way you could get brand new amps that carry a 20yr warranty, and are built like battleships, and are the high-end bargain of the century.
The new Innersound amp is designed specifically for electrostatic speakers and received a RAVE review in the latest Absolute Sound. I have no experience with this amp myself but it sounds like it would be worth checking out.
Try the Crown Macro Reference. At today's used prices, it should just fit your budget. I have owned these and found very few amps, even to this day, that will better it in almost any performance area you care to mention. It has tremendous power (750 wpc in stereo mode)for an effortless sound and, if you want low end punch, this amp is as good, or better than anything out there. Don't be misled by anyone who would excuse this as not being a true high-end product. Listen and judge for yourself.
Not to toot my horn, but my KRELL FPB-650M monoblocks are glorious! If you are interested, I am selling them to downsize in my small condo.
List is $26000, selling for $12500.
Phone 206-465-3668
Jeff, what about a bigger classe like the ca401 or the cam mono's. I've heard the 401 several times in a couple of different setups and it sounded pretty darn good. Authoritative and enough power to light up No. Cal.
These are all good inputs, appreciate it. Oh, the reason I sold my other DR8 was I blew the crossovers in my speakers cranking up the volume a tad too much. Figured it was cheaper/easier to go to more modest power since I can't always count on behaving in an adult manner. I find there's certainly something missing with the single amp, and now that I have a BAT preamp where you can set the volume control to a pre-determined maximum, I really ought to consider a higher powered amplifier. In theory the ML's can take 200 watts. Again, thanks all! Jeff
The Bryston's have good command of the bass region. You can often find a 4B-ST for under $2000. If you have a bit more to spend and want more power, you might be able to find a pair of 7B-ST monoblocks for around $3500.
Jeff: I am powering a pair of Quest Zs with a Krell KAV 250A & I get an excellent sound & have plenty of power. If there is such a thing as a Krell bargin this is it.
Jeff,I Would recommend without hesitation a used KSA-150 or if you could stretch it to $2600.00 a pr. of KMA-160's.I have had both and used them on some very difficult speakers including ML's and Thiels,both of which sounded very smooth with the right cabling.Also if you can stretch even further try a KSA-250(closer to 3k).I am driving my KSA-150 with a BAT VK-3i and it has to be one of the best synergies for me yet!!!!!Best of Luck on your Quest.
Bel Canto EVo 200.2. See Soundstage review. Best Value in this price range or at twice the price.
I agree with Abstract7 about bi-amping the Martin Logans. I have a pair of ML Requests and it made a HUGE difference.

I also owned a Bel Canto Evo 200.2 and did not like it with the Martin Logans. Look for something that you can buy reasonable for your money.

I am going to try the Odyssey Stratos amps from Klaus Bunge. Will let you know what I think when they arrive Thursday..
martin logans are killer for acoustic or small ensemble jazz, NOT R&R. no dynamics, no bass, and limited volume. do yourself a favor, before buying a new amp, try some other speakers: good ones for R&R include paradigm 100s, vandersteen 2ces, osborn titans, montanas (any model), and the like...just make sure they have a good foundation (at least an 8" woofer). rhyno