Which Signal Gets The XLR Input?

Hi Folks, I have a 4 input Backert Labs preamp. It has (1) balanced input. There are two contenders: A Hegel CDP4 mk II CD player and a streamer I haven't bought yet. I listen to radio a lot but are the balanced connections wasted on the signal quality? Inquiring minds wish to know. All responses are appreciated.  Regards, Scott
Hopefully you will buy a streamer that will outperform your CD player... thus making your CD player superfluous and you would use the XLR for that.

Since the streamer is the gateway to nearly infinite music at CD quality and higher I recommend making it a priority to make sure you choose one that sounds better. Qubuz (or Tidal) have significant high Rez content and it is increasing every day. For the price of one CD a month you get access to more music than you could listen to in a lifetime. You also get access to thousands of web radio channels... at very high quality.
I had resisted thinking the streamer mattered for nearly ten years (and things changed over that time). But I got an high end audio one, completely changed my point of view. I now own two Aurender streamers... highly recommended. I also owned a Auralic.
So I recommend thinking of your streamer as the most important component you will be choosing and not a little addition... another choice of what to listen to.
I second a streamer/DAC and if you really wanted to play CDs then you can add a CD transport.