Which seperates to go with monitor audio golds?

I have a mid range onkyo avr I feel makes the speakers a bit harse when pushed. I heard Nad T785 w/MA was pleased though the new prices with new hd upgrades, I have decided on seperates. By reading reviews/forums the Nad m25, B&K 200.7, parasound 5250 are what I thought would fit. Though the 5250 is only 5ch amp, my room is only big enough for 5 right now. Processor, would have to use my onkyo Because Nad m15 is out of the budget now B&K and parasound don't offer lossless formats yet. Marantz av8003 seems good? Need opinons on which way to go amp/ processor thanks
I use a B&K reference pre amp & a B&K reference 7250 5 channel amp. I have a brand new reference 70 for sale (see Agon ad). B&K is working on the "lossless" or dolby true HD upgrade and will provide it free to any ref 70 owner, whether purchased from an authorized dealer or not (I called them and asked. You can also call them at 800-543-5252). I have owned MA speakers & B&K gear for about 9 years and love it. I actually bought B&K because I learned that Monitor Audio was using B&K to drive their speakers at the CES a few years ago - that was good enough for me. Good luck. Mike