Which screwdriver needed for Musical Fidelity A324

Can anybody tell me which screwdriver is needed to get the cabinet screws off a MUSICAL FIDELITY A324 DAC? I can't find a screwdriver in any local hardware store that will fit. I assume that because it's made in the UK it needs a special screwdriver. Thanks
Did you try a Torx? I have sold British equipment for years and have never seen anything that needed a tool not available in US. I have the TriVista 21 and will see what it uses.
The last piece of MF gear I opened was an A3 cd player. I needed to go to the auto parts store and get a star driver with the hole in the center. They used tamper proof screws.
Everyone needs a set of these.
I think they are Allen wrenches or Allen keys as they are also called. almost certainly metric. The Torx and Star are the same thing. My eyes are not what they were so I am not sure but I would take it to a large hardware , it is either Torx or Allen and they should have both.
The set I showed has bot torx and hex of various sizes. Although they have the center hollowed out for security type screws, they can be used with standard heads also. You should be able to find a set at a hardware store.
It takes a Torx screwdriver but the center has to be hollowed out. I tried the hardware stores without luck. I'll try an auto parts store. Thanks.