Which SACD should I buy?

Is there a difference in sound in the “SACD section” of the following players, Sony 333es, SCD-1, SCD-XA777ES, Marantz SA-1, Phillips SACD 1000, Accuphase DP-101?

I plan on using an external DAC or get Mod’s for my redbook CD’s.
davewavaolcom: the accuphase you list is actually designated the dc-101; it is a sacd/cd dac that requires for sacd or cd play a transport, such as the accuphase dp-100. accuphase also has in its line a one-box sacd/cd player, the dp-85. i think you will find any of the accuphase units to be sonically head and shoulders above any of the others you mention. and they should be-- they cost orders of magnitude more than all the others. -cfb
Sounds very, very good. Redbook playback, in my limited A/B test in my very system was preferred with more resolution and naturalness. Sony's were rejected due to long TOC read.

I have Purcell doing upsampling from Marantz, but I wouldn't think it makes a $5K difference.
Thanks Extremephono,

Have you had a chance to compare the Phillips and the Sony, for just the SACD section?
The imminently available Audio Aero Prestige may be a consideration, given the excellence and popularity of the Capitole.