Which SACD for little $$$

I am into analog mostly, but I have some digital and it is time to replace my aging CD player with something better. Recommendations around $500 preferred. SACD maybe? Thanks!
Denon DVD-2910
plays 'em all..
I still have one, even though I just bought a Denon DVD-5910
I just bought the 2910 about ten months ago, but the deal on the 5910 ($1,800. new locally) was too good to pass up.
(especially as I think the 'new' formats BluRay and HD-DVD have a few years to go before they will be worth doing, and in the meantime I have the best DVD picture around.
The Denon DVD-2910 is highly rated for a $700 player, and they are always available new for around $500 or so.