Which? Rotel,Marantz,MusicHall,Creek

I'm in a hunt for a small & a budget integrated amp for a small listening room (hence, small bookshelf.) I will partially use it for TV (movie) as well.
What's the "house sound" for each brand below that I currently have in mind?
. Marantz (PM7001, PM8003)=
. Music Hall (a25)=
. Creek (Evo)=
. Rega (Brio)=
. Rotel: (RA-1060, RA-1062)=
. Cambridge = For some reason, I don't trust this brand.
. Onix (a-60, a-120)=
. Any others?
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Speakers? Room size? Power output required or desired? How loud?
---Speakers? Room size? Power output required or desired? How loud?---

I'd like to learn just their "house sound" for now. Best
Cambridge - there is no reason not to trust this brand! Very high value integrated amps that sound as good as you can get for the $$$. While there are plenty of great low priced amps, Cambridge will stand up to any other brand for = money. Reliable too, in my experience.
Ok sure, why not for the Cambridge? good for the money and reliable are awesome crteria for budget integrated I'm looking for. Whats Cambridge's house sound in general without digging deeper into specific models 540, 640, 840,etc.
I own the Creek Evolution 5350 and can attest to its fine sound. Had Rotel RB-1070/RC-1050 which I found to be somewhat shrill with a lack of a 3D soundstage.

The Creek is the antithesis of that sound.