Which rock is the best for you?

In the sequens of the largest number of bands you'd listen to per specific style, please leat most favorable to least favorable

1. Prog/Krautrock
2. Indie
3. Punk, Post-Punk
4. Industrial
5. Classic Rock
6. Metal

7.  Arena Rock, Pop Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Surf-Rock, Rocky-Billy...



"real" country

Whatever you call Richard Thompson


all those in your #7

(never) classical

1. Classic. 2. Hard. 3. Metal. 4. Industrial. 5. Punk. 6. Progressive. 7. Indie. 
The Townshend Rock ;-).
For me music peaked and then began to decline after 1973.  Since then there are many artists from various styles (most of the ones you mention) that I like, but I haven't found myself drawn to a certain style in general since that time.  In general I like 50's rock and roll, 60's rock and early prog-rock and fusion.  After '73 it's hit-and-miss for me.  I like a little punk, a little metal,  a little Indie. 

Rock isn't major portion of what I listen to. 
I've just mentioned types of rock, but mainly jazz is dominating my collection and far not 60's jazz. Most of it is 80's ECM, CMP, WATT and other mostly European labels so for me, I refuse to agree that music began to decline after 1973.
If I compare 50's r'n'r or rocky-billy than 80's punk-a-billy, punk and post-punk, industrial, indie is far more advanced and interesting so I believe that music started to evolve to more sophisticated scales in 70's 80's from boring and traditional stuff. 

1. Classic Rock

2. Arena Rock, Pop Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Surf-Rock

3. Metal

The rest are not on my radar. But, I could perhaps be interested, it would be by the song and not by category.

Grateful dead....covers just about all rock forms.