Which Road?

I have a Denon DRA-800H hooked to a built PC via HDMI thru video card and I dont feel like its enough power to run my Tekton Double Impacts My question is there a ballsy avr out there that sounds good or should i go integrated or seperates for playing flac files on pc high quality audio streams preferable budget is 3 to 6 gs dont want a mcintosh any ideas ive read good stuff about parasound just need good advice and i dont know which route is best
NO, NO SUCH THING AS “too many watts!!!”

double impacts,?”.......you will need the power to drive those bada$$ speakers!!,
anything less than 500W @ 8Ohms is a waste of your time and money. 
Expensive yes, but for most, a speaker w a handling of 400W peaks, will need the headroom to make it sound the best.
stay away from Class D stuff!    , look used, a ton of high quality power houses for a great price. A AV receiver for tekton DI’s???  will under power and sound flat, get a nice amp!!, 

The more power, the better the headroom, and reserve power.
just beware of over powering.
my,speakers are rated at 250W,....My amps are 650W, into 8 Ohms.

Never an issue, just unclipped program, and effortless music at any volume.
Never a chance of under powering. And the transition from a soft music passage to THUMP YOUR CHEST, is flawless, never any power loss, DISTORTION, just rock!,”!”!!

Many will say you only need 125 W, hogwash. Power is your friend!

get a minimum of 125-150 or more OVER the rated peak of your speakers.

Will 125W or a 40W Triode thing sound fine, sure, it will sound great. If you like a lil volume, and never think of clipping your amp, go big!

Enjoy the music.