Which resistors to use for KT88 output tubes

Hi, I'm looking for 5 watt 10ohm, 100ohm, and 2.2kohm resistors to use on the grid, screen, and plate of the KT88s in my amp build. I've looked into Kiwami, but most seem to feel Mills are better for this application. The Mundorf M-Resist Supreme resistors seem even better, but the largest value Mundorf is 33ohm. Any advice or other alternatives? Has anyone compared these resistors? Thanks.
For the 10 ohm use Mills, for the 100 ohm 1 watt nothing special needed. These should be coming from the output transformer.
The 2.2k grid resistors are more critical. I like Riken but sources for these are about dried-up. Carbon composite resistors like Amtrans, Ohmite or Takman should work fine. One or two watt.
I was thinkin Mundorf for 10 ohm and Mills for 100 ohm. Isn't Rinken carbon? I'm kinda suspicious about the reliability and stability of carbon resistors. What's a good metal film resistor for 2.2kohm.

Although Mundorf and Mills claim theirs are noninductive, I would like them to provide inductance value. Reason being, inductance in this application could cause oscillations from what I've read. Is this a concern?
I've never tried Mundorf resistors. The only one's I've seen are the large 10 watt types.

On the grid carbon composite types are best because they help in suppressing parasitic oscillations. Even if the grid drifts a little over time it won't hurt anything. The value on the grid is not crucial.
Don't use them on cathode's or plates though. These will determine your tubes operating state. "bias"
Another point on your bias resistors: Find 1% tolerance pieces(but, you probably already know that).
Wont metal film work just as well on the grids?
Metal films like Vishay and Caddock, are excellent, but good wirewounds have actually proven to be quieter. ( http://www.aikenamps.com/ResistorNoise.htm ) It can't hurt to have stable/quiet resistors, in every section of your circuit.
Hi Rodman, I don't see any mention of wirewound resistor being quieter than Vishay or Caddock in the link you provided. Is this from your personal experience?
Again, the Vishays and Caddocks I was referring to, are both Metal Films. Read the paper again, in that light. Yes, this has also been my experience.
Wont metal film work just as well on the grids?
Thanks Rodman. I read it again and saw the reference to wirewound resistors.

Based on the schematic of my KT88 amp, I see a 2.2 kohm 2 watt resistor to the control grid, a 100 ohm 5 watt resistor to the screen grid, and 10 ohm 5 watt plate resistor.

Obviously, the 10 ohm resistor should be a wirewound resistor. It will probably also be noninductive as well.

The control grid resistor should be a noninductive wirewound too.

It is the screen grid resistor that should be carbon comp because of its low inductance? Why can't I used a non-inductive wirewound resistor here?

PRC makes very high quality precision wirewound non-inductive power resistors.
After noticing Caddock 1W MM215 resistors in some top commercial audio gear, I intend to try this non-inductive model singly and in parallel in a future upgrade. Has anyone here experienced these or perhaps the MS or MV series? Caddock factory direct will build these in custom values.
Mills makes some nice, non-inductive wirewounds and what I would probably choose for the screen grid: (http://www.hndme.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=54) I wouldn't use carbon comps anywhere in an amp, that I didn't want to exhibit colorations/noise(ie: audio reproduction). I've also purchased a number of Metal Films here(see pages 10-12): (http://www.percyaudio.com/Catalog.pdf) Michael used to have a $50 minimum. Don't know if that still applies, but- if you're building an amp; you should surely be able to find enough goodies, in his catalog, to make that up. He will also match components(ie: for channel balance), to <1%, for a small fee.
Thanks, Rodman. I Mills and PRC power resistors seem to be perfect for the job.
Let us know how your amp project turns out.