Which recording best highlites your speakers??

I have read a lot about your favorite speakers. I would be interested in knowing precisely which recordings (in either cd or vinyl) bring out the best in your speakers. Throw in the speaker model as well.
"Ghost Riders in the Sky", by Miss Peggy Lee either LP/CD and "of course" any LP featuring George Gobel on guitar/vocals.

Speakers are Stephens Tru-Sonic 80FR's.

Our previous main speakers (Reynaud Twins) seemed to flatter/favor Robert Clary recordings in that he seemed to be much larger/taller than life.
This week, (I change setups often)

Alison Krauss
Diana Krall
Natalie Cole
Patricia Barber

Speaker setup of the week is: Apogee centaur minors for mains with three Vmps subs. All recordings are sacd's.

Alison Krauss - New Favorite

Speakers are Revel M20

Madonna "Ray of Light" track 10
Really deep hall effect, with lots of ambience and lowbass.
Best recording of Madonna's voice that I've heard.

Steven Halpern "Deja-Blues" Track 5
Nice solo flute against a background of various drums and percussive instuments.
Very subtle, very deep bass impact and plenty of ambience.
The speakers disappear.
Dire Straits - oldie but without a doubt!
Listen to "The Man's Too Strong"!
Desert Rose by Sting from A Brand New Day.

Speakers Hales Design Group T-5's.

Sting does an incredible job with engineering on his recordings. His CD's always seem to sound so much richer, cleaner and open than other artists.