Which recording best highlites your speakers??

I have read a lot about your favorite speakers. I would be interested in knowing precisely which recordings (in either cd or vinyl) bring out the best in your speakers. Throw in the speaker model as well.
Music For Your Neighborhood by Jude Swift - CD
Got a Hold on ME - Christine McVie - LP
Somewhere, Somebody by Jennifer Warnes - CD and LP
Hotel California on Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles - CD
And I Love Her by the Beatles on the double red best of - LP
Speakers are ML Odysseys, VMPS RM 40 and Legacy Focus 20/20.
This is germane to my maggie 1.6 qrs but also applies to conventional speakers.
Technology has advanced to the point that timbre and frequency extreme is good even on fairly inexpensive speakers. In many instances,imaging is a matter of placement and accoustic tweaks. Crossover,phase,and what not are beyond the scope of my reply.
To answer your question,the recordings that best take advantage of what my speakers can do are those recordings that replay accurate dynamic range.