Which receiver would you buy?

I am hoping to upgrade my old Denon 2400 receiver to a new one, but right now I am still not sure what's good out there in the range of $800-$1000. There seem to be many choices, including the Denon AVR3801, Pioneer VSX-36TX, etc... Any suggestions? Thanks!
Onkyo 777/787. Get a B model on Ebay for less than 600. Look up the THD in both the amp section and the tuner section. It's essentially the same as the NAD equipment with better power and cheaper.
it really depends on what features you want. i was thinking of buying Denon 3801 myself because of the DTS-ES decoding capability, and i like the sound better than any onkyos or pioneer elites.by the way, pioneer might make some good video equipments, but when it comes to sound, Denon is the way to go.
Denon is a very good choice at this price point. Good sound, reliability, and features. I have gotten excellent service from my Denon AVR-5700. I can name at least three more preferable companies, but they cost two to three times as much! Good luck.
I just bought a Denon 3801 off from ebay for $845. It is an excellent sounding unit with plenty of power and features. The processors in this receiver are very good and the DTS-ES is excellent.