which receiver new $1k or under

Skimming through the forums here, seems like Yamaha and Marantz are lines to look at? This is for a friend with a 7.1 system with Infinity speakers. Any reason to choose one of those two brands over the other? Are these the two to suggest or are there others that offer sonic or usability advantages? Thanks everyone. -Dave
Every brand has its own voice.  Marantz is typically voiced on the warm side.  Yamaha is more neutral, if I remember right.  Whatever brand you choose, buy the most powerful model you are able to.  It doesn't matter if you don't need all those watts.  The larger power supply will give better sound quality, even at low volumes.
+1 Auxinput.  From user experiences I've read it seems Yamaha may have an edge in reliability.  Not a small thing IMO. 

You really can't go wrong with Marantz or Yamaha..... I might also add Onkyo to your list as well.  Some very good options at that price range b/t the 3.
Yes I agree with Auxinput especially when it comes to sources. Marantz CD/SACD players seem to be warmer and more musical than say Oppo Digital and even Rotel. I’ve had all brands and Marantz seems to really be built for the music. NAD also. Receivers same sentiment.  
I think in that price range, I'd recommend either the Yamaha RX-A1070, the Onkyo TX-RZ820, or the Marantz SR6011. These are all just slightly north of your 1k budget, but not by much, and give you a lot of performance for the dollar.
or... look for last year's model on close out or a factory refurb of those 3 and save even more
Personally, I would go Yamaha too.

But Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, and Sony are pretty good too.

But like Randy has said, if you want to save money (and I shop the same way), I would take a look at last year’s as well, before I the current and newer model, as they hardly ever change the features that extensively.

They may add a feature or two every year trickling down the model line, and sometimes they don’t change the features at all, they just change the model number from last year’s model to this year’s model number.

Some good advice. Yes go for the beefiest you can find, even if the specifications can be spurious. As was said, the power supply is the part that matters, and its true specifications are often a closely guarded secret. This is not for nothing: it, and the case, are often the most expensive components. In AV receivers, they are often on the small side given the number of channels that have to be served. A crude proxy indication would be the weight of a unit, since good power supplies are heavy.
Don't even try to audition this stuff. The sonic differences will be tiny at best and discerning them will need a very careful setup with precisely matched levels and near instantaneous swtiching. This has to be done to within 0.2 dB, and that needs a rather good Volt meter at the speaker outputs.
Fortunately there are lots of good offerings, so enjoy the music.
One problem with buying last years models are the ever changing standards for HDMI.  It would be nice if this could be future proofed.
  Personally, I don’t care for the Marantz house sounds, as it rolls of the top end