Which rca interconnect?

Anticables level 1,Morrow MA1 or Belding 8402 for connecting a vintage amp to preamp?Both are in the same price range and would like to hear thoughts on the better choice to use for this particular use?Thanks for any help.
I would pick the Morrow, but I don't think its likely that you'll hear much of a difference, if any, between the 3.
Using the WE 16gd for speaker cable,thus the Belden 8402 thrown in the mix.
".... but I don't think its likely that you'll hear much of a difference, ..." at that price point

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Improvements through cables is a synergy result that involves
(a) all of ICs, speaker cables and power cables. One of the three in isolation wont get you there - full stop; and
(b) the resolution capabilities of the electronics themselves. Budget gear benefit only fractionally with new cables when compared to high(er) end gear.
There is another thread on here about using the Western Electric (WE16) speaker cable with the Belden interconnect. The users claim it's a match made in heaven.

I'd probably try that since it seems to be so well received. YMMV.
Have read that as well using the Belden and WE cables together.On the Anticable site it was recommended using there level 1 cable with vintage gear.Morrow with source components more so than with amps but thought I would ask any how.
Purist cables sound best.
Way out of my budget!
Some of the guys on that thread use the we16ga to build interconnects with belden copper tinned shielding (connected at either end) and Switchcraft 3502aau connectors. This cable requires a long break in but it beats the belden 8402, Acoustic Revive Reference, MAC Reference and an Audio Synthesis solid silver cable in my system.
Speaking of budget, if you're going with Morrow cables I would suggest looking at their used cable inventory. You may be able to upgrade without spending a lot more money.
I use the top of the line Anti's and think they're quite good. The lower levels have increased grain and less openness, but are certainly worth the money. Belden to my ears is at a lower level still. Anti's biggest attribute is that they tell it like it is...no bloat or sizzle. The only cable I like better is the top Wireworld, and they are only a bit better in providing an ease that is quite seductive.
Generic ones from Home Depot or Walmart will be sufficient 'nuf.
See that you use Mogami cables in your system Czarivey so why would you suggest Home Depot or Walmart cables?
Vintage equipment isn't that sensitive. Mogami Silver $30/m/pair sounds reasonable as well. I sell lots of vintage gear due to the high interest on vintage receivers and turntables. Given that I couldn't find lots of differences in cables that I hooked up around the shop so I get them very basic either from internet or from Home Depot.
My experience is same as Cza unless the vintage equipment is truly refurbished, new caps...
So would you recommend Mogami Czarivey?
I won't generalize about the vintage equipment, but I can tell you that my Nakamichi 682ZX deck is very responsive to everything - be it different cables, tuning feet or wall current, including polarity. Not to mention differences in reference tapes. Maxell Vertex is laughably better than anything else with this deck, by the way, and it was not biased specifically for that tape.
In my case, deck sounds excellent with Dimarzio M-path cables but better with Purist Audio Maximus. The deck was made in 1981, and the difference was just as obvious before I had it aligned and tuned five years ago.
However, I could add that the difference between those two cables that I mentioned is bigger with CEC TL5100Z belt-drive cd player - Purist is much better.
I think, Dimarzio interconnects are no loger made, though I would check it out.
In your place, I would try Mogami cables first, they are supposed to be reasonably good and are only $100 for 1M pair. I myself have no experience with them.
Just give any new cable at least 100 hours of burn-in time.
The WE 16ga wire and Belden 8402 cable is a fantastic combo. Unfortunately the WE 16ga is not to be found except for short scrap pieces on eBay (at T Jacobs seller). I wonder if the 14ga version would do as well? I have made two power cords using the WE 16ga. and they are the best in my system.
Have asked about the Laspada cable sold here on Agon but not many replies?Looks like a good rca cable.