Which RCA IC's to use with McCormack Amps?

I would like to hear which RCA's folks here use with their McCormack Amp connected to their Preamp. I have the DNA1 Deluxe and I am using a pair of old Monster Reference 2's. I don't have any experience with high end RCA's except that I purchased a pair of Kimber Hero's and found myself going back to the Monsters. Kimber although very detailed and neutral didn't seem as good a fit with an already extremely detailed amp. I would like to know which RCA's and at what price range people are using so I have an idea before I go shopping. My other components are: DNA HT1 Deluxe, B&K Ref50 HT processor, Toshiba A3 HD player, generic 10 awg speaker wires. Thanks for your inputs!
I am also running 3 Custom Power Cord 11 15amp PC's, Monster power conditioner, Kef Reference Model 2,s and KEF 100C and surround speakers.
I also have a DNA-1 that I use as backup amp and works very good with Ridge Street Audio Poiema III and Midnight.
Magna VI
Thanks for the responses. After researching on Audiogon for warm sounding IC's, most people recommended Cardas Golden Cross or Acoustic Zen Matrix. I ordered the Acoustic Zen Matrix and it is a very good match to the DNA1 and unleashed the potential of Steve's amp. It does everything the reviewers says, very warm, good detail, more emphasis in midrange and lower high frequency range but not very bright which is what I was having trouble with the Monsters, and dead nuts quite in the background. Brought the music to the forefront. Also my ears stopped hurting from listening too long. Now I know what high end IC's are about.
az works well with mccormack but if you want something warmer, the purist audio design museus or elementa advance works well with the mccormacks.
I have a DNA-500 that is no longer in my main system. I was using VD Revelation ICs and getting very good results. I have since switched to a tube amp and am using Synergistic Research and getting even better results. I would try VDs and SRs and see which you like best - both are excellent cable lines and very well supported.
I just purchased a DNA-1 Rev A - I, which is used with a MAP-1 preamp. My IC includes Audioquest panthers (MAP-1 to DNA-1) and cheetahs between the the cd player to MAP-1. Before that I owned Kimber hero's that were used with an integrated amp.

It's not easy to describe their sonic imprint, as my gear has changed as the system evolved. I like the panthers, they sound smooth and are well priced on the used market or an all-copper design. The cheetahs (silver) a little more detailed and a tad brighter, but not in a harsh way. I really cannot comment in the sonic virtues of the DBS system employed by audioquest. They certainly appear well engineered and of high quality.

good luck.