which pure class A amp to use or 93dB speakers

I have been using the Bryston 4BST on the Silverline Sonatina II (93dB) for a year. Now I just got a pair of Revel M20 and I like to pair the Bryston with te Revel. So I like suggestions on SS amp to use with the Silverline pure class A or Class AB. Like to stay under 1500 bucks. No Tubes. thanks.

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I have the original Sonatinas and use a Pass Labs Aleph 3 and have not felt the need to upgrade in over 3 years, unbelieveable for me.
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The Aleph 3 is a very sweet amplifier.

In a bit more lively amp, you might consider the Clayton S40; there's a used one listed at $1250 right now.

I tend to think the Clayton would be a bit better synergy with the Silverlines (which are already voiced on the warm side), but that's really just speculation.

Best of luck in your quest!

The Aleph.

If you want to try a really good budget option, get a Monarchy Audio SM-70 or better yet an SM-70 Pro. They produce 25 watts/ch. in stereo and are switchable for mono operation, so if it is not enough power for you, you can purchase another and go monoblock @ 70 watts. For best possible sound from the SM-70 or Pro, used the balanced inputs in monoblock mode if you have balanced output from your pre-amp.

The SM-70 sells for about $350 used and an SM-70 pro usually runs about $400-450 used.

You might find that a single SM-70/Pro is good enough @ $350-$450 and spend the rest on other upgrades or music. BTW, my buddy uses a 1.5 watt/channel "45" based SET tube amp with his original Sonatas. They do run out of steam, but it's a pretty good indication that 10-25 watts should be plenty in most applications. At least for me!