Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.

After owning some excellent gear, which purchase was it that put a big smile on your face?
Many years ago at the chicken ranch...
Some fresh sticky bud.

No audio gear has ever come close.
"The Beatles" mono remasters.

(And some of Tvad's stuff)

The Coincident Frankenstein MK2 SET amplifier, the longer I`ve had them the more I appreciate their wonderful ability to present music with out any sense of mechanical/electronic artifact.
Audio Research cd7
NOS Amperex tubes for my Audio Research SP-10 phonostage.
I just got a calypso, way over the hill!!!!!
My system never sounded this good.
Musical Fidelity 308cr full function pre-amp. Big Smile!
Audio Aero Capitole and after Prestige. Sonic bliss for digital. Also Quad 989 speaker such naturalness.
Big Ben Blotters seeing Pink Floyd in concert early seventies..... well perma grin is still the same as a big smile . Cheers
Tvad has the answer, but it was the De Capos that made my system sing.
pair of 1978 hertage Belle Klipsch (still in use today)

also, the day we bought my gal her diamond; truly nirvana
Klipsch K-Horn. Yes, singular. Heard with Mac tubes, Marantz pre. Life was never the same after that. Could not afford them at the time I heard them, but twenty five years later I built the room and equipment. When Klipsch heritage stuff is heard in the right room with tubes (think SET), nirvana appears. Thank you Paul.
A bottle of Grand Marnier - "Pure Liqueur"
Ultra Clear interconects from Rick Schultz from Virtual Dynamics

DeVORE speakers
The day I received my DeVore Gibbon 8 speakers and Raysonic cd-168 tube cd player. I think all this will be superceeded when I take delivery of my Odyssey Stratos stereo Extreme+++amp in about 6-8 weeks
Dynaudio C1's.
Naim Supercap added to Naim Superline/Dynavector XV-1s.
My Well Tempered Labs Amadeus turntable
My first set of headphones while i was still living with my parents. Fiannly a great soundstage imaging and a volume level I wanted!
Two speaker systems:

Infinity Prelude MTS and Tannoy 215 DMT II
In chronological order: 1) 1975 - Stax Earphones; 2) 1986 - ARC SP10II pre-amp, my first piece of tubed equipment; 2007 - Silverline Bolero speakers.
I think I agree with Tvad, if I remember correctly. It has been a while since I started and I can't remember some things from yesterday never mind 30 to 40 years ago.
Windowpane at the Allman Brothers show at the Fillmore in 72.
Has to be from SS to Valves & from some SACD to Expensive Original Vinyl.
Dynaudio Contour S1.4
I'm hoping to reach Nirvana in about six weeks, when I receive the new speakers I have on order. A pair of Daedalus Ulysses :)

-- Al
Windowpane at the Allman Brothers show at the Fillmore in 72.

4-way or 8-way?
Love this thread...Studer A820...:-)
Joule VZN-160's followed closely by the Basis 2500/Koetsu Urushi combo.
1. Wiring my system from outlet to speaker terminals with Crystal Cable Reference Connects.

2. The DeVore Super 8's

3. The Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations.
Conrgatulations Almarg! If they sound as good as the picture you are headed for nirvana.
My Edge 10.1 NL, and some REALLY great homemade powercords. My VSA SR IV's too.
Verity Audio Sarastro for sure.
No Nirvana here yet.
My first stereo system. Purchased with my earned savings when I was in 8th grade. Yea, my equipment got better and better over the years but my first stereo components blew me away (sans any drugs).

It got a work out with albums the likes of Jeff Beck-Truth, Stills, Kooper, Bloomfield - Super Session, James Gang - Rides Again, Traffic I, Genesis, Hendrix - Are You Experienced, Jethro Tull - Benefit, Pink Floyd - Meddle, King Crimson - Court of the Crimson King, Led Zeppelin I & II, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds, and on and on.
Hyperion HPS-938 speakers. Open, vivid but natural and relaxed/musical sound (with class D amp) - just opposite to Hi-Fiish sounding speakers. Incredible midrange. Uses speakers without suspension (spiderweb). Midrange 6 1/2" is damped with ferrofluid. Very tuneful bass with very low distortion and natural sounding string attack and decay.
First class imaging. Crossover integrates speakers so well that it is difficult to hear transition between them. I can hear extended and natural highs but cannot pinpoint tweeter alone. The only thing is that the are ugly - I mean UGLYYYYY... (but slowly growing on me).

Picture here: http://hyperionsound.com/Images/HPS-938.jpg

Awards it got here: http://hyperionsound.com/awards.htm
Hyperions are indeed very good speakers! Very natural.
Sonus Faber Extrema and later Avalon Eidolon's.
An eight ball before The Dead pulled out "St Stephen" at The Garden in the 80's. (I think it was the 80's)..........
Sansui sp-5500 speakers MADE IN JAPAN
McIntosh MC206 amp
Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme+++ power amp and Odyssey Audio Kismet Reference speakers. I have been in this hobby for more than 40 years and I keep asking myself "how come I didn't hear about Odyssey Audio much sooner?"

This power amp and speakers has brought my system to new heights and I am so amazed at the price to performance ratio. I would have bought these items at 5 times the price, they are that good.
Emm Labs CDSD/Emm Labs DAC 6. Boosted my redbook collection with a unveliebable digital sound.
....buying a used pair of Dunlavy SC3's and upgrading from an integrated amp to seperate amp/pre-amp. I can't tell you how good those speakers sound: the clarity, depth, and articulation never cease to amaze me. I bought those speakers 12 years ago and someone will have to tear them from me. Unless, of course, I run across a used pair of SC4a's. (just kidding)
Maestro ac outlets! Made my entry level system sound damn GOOD! I did the review on these outlets too soon because these outlets are still improving every day... more open and more spacious sound as they settle-in more! Look at my review
Lyra Delos, 1. Series
After 30 years in this hobby, I have found one piece that I think qualifies in answer to your question: the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC. When I found this, I was about to despair over Redbook CD reproduction. Now I think I may be close to the end of my search for a truly musical sounding system.
Usually every new piece of equipment I buy! Or even rearranging my old equipment can have unexpected pleasant suprises.