Which Projector??????

I have a friend looking into projector and is thinking of getting a Marantz VP8100 DLP projector or a Sharp Vision XVDW100 LCD projector, what do you think or any other suggestions in the used under $4000 range??? Thanks in advance for an input.
~Tim The Tire Guy
Having seen both, I think the DLP is so much better (and as I recall more expensive). You have to buy the best CRT to beat the image of DLP. Another couple generations and DLP will be king. (to quote some high-end home theater folks) I also like the fact that they are so small and quiet. The Seleco models are beautiful as well. They could easily sit on my coffee table in the livingroom. good luck
hey tim . i also say the dlp would be better. i also say the crts are still the best. you can buy a sony g70 used for around 4k. it will kill the dlp. for now.
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater rated the Sharp very high, but did not like the Marantz. I have no experience with either, but you might want to check out their reviews.
I liked LCD projectors but over time the pixels can burn out giving you a red square somewhere on the screen. I bet most wouldnt even notice it but once my eye caught it it drove me nuts. They are however a great bang for the buck with super easy set up.

I think Marantz is made by another high end crt company but I could be wrong.
Thanks everyone, I don't know much about these things, I have a sharp LCD and I like it just fine for what I use it for. But my buddy is a little more particular, he is a HTphile and I am audiophile with big screen, there is a huge difference, I made that statement to let you all know I am not a traitor.
i took a MEMS (micro electro machanical systems class) that explained all about how dlp works and how it is far superior to lcd
dlp has nearly a million micro mirrors built into it that change the frequency of flipping on and off to generate grey scales....also......it has color multiplexing for each mirror....they use aluminum as the reflecter...which means high reflective index, high conductive strength, low tensile strength.....which means.....they wont get red spots or black spots like LCD
in buying which DLP is the best....make sure they use a texas instruments DMD micro mirror array and make sure the company has a background in micro-tech or micro machining
you should look on the new sharp z9000.!!!
the best one ever .
but i will still work with my sony g-70 witch is a crt one.