Which processor to combine 2 channel/ 5.1 ?

I am combining 2 channel & 5.1 in one room. I want to use
my tube preamp( joule electra mk111 & ear phonostage) when listening to the front left & right channels. Then hit a switch and activate all channels with tv/dvd. I will be using 2 monoblocks for the fronts and a 5 channel amp for the rear center and subwoofer. Which proceesor do you reccomend?
I have been working in the same direction as you. I am in the process of combining my 2 channel system (BEL 1001 mono amps, Genesis 350 SEs, Genesis bass amp, SF Line 2 SE preamp, AR turntable, Cambridge Audio D500SE, Perp Tech P-1A/P3) with a new HT system. For a time I considered going with a HT receiver, but catching my wife in a weak moment I went the separates route. I purchased an Aragon Stage One (surr/pro), an Anthem MCA-5 (5.1 multi channel amp) and a Pioneer DV-45a (universal DVD player - DVD, DVD-A, SACD, etc.). I have a pair of Genesis 700 speakers as surrounds, a Radia center channel. As of yet I do not have a subwoofer or back surround speakers.

Besides the Aragon, I also considered the Sunfire and Anthem processors. As far as I can tell all three are very good, ultimately because of a good deal, I went with the Aragon. I have had it only a week and so far I have been really pleased. It is easy to set-up and use. All I do is push the SSP (surr sound processor) button on my SF Line 2 and I am able to use my BEL 1001s with the Aragon Stage One and the Anthem amp. In the reviews I have read the only knock that I have heard against the Aragon Stage One concerns its lack of XLR inputs/outputs. As my BEL 1001 amps only have SE connections (and in my experience these are the best sounding and among the quietest amps I have ever heard), lack of XLR connections was not a major obstacle.
McIntosh MX132 or the Classe SSP75. Both are truly excellent and will do exactly what you are looking for. Arthur
Take a good look at the new B&K Ref 50. Should do everything you want in HT processor.
You didn't mention a price, but I love my Meridian 568 - so clean, great 2-channel as well as multi-channel music settings (you might get hooked). Check it out.
Thanks for the input I purchesed the aragon stage one.