Which Processor, Is Rotel 1068 a good choice?


I am renewing my HT system.Need Advice.
I recently bought the following:
Main Front Speakers: B&W DM603 S3 Floorstanding
Main Centre: B&W LCR60 S3 Centre Speaker
Rear Surrond: B&W DM600 S3 surrond speakers
Power Amp: Rotel RMB1075 120W x 5 (High current five channel amplifier)

I already own:
Yamaha AV Receiver 1200
JAMO subwoofer X800 (350Watts RMS)
Bose satellite speakers 15 to 200 watts RMS (Used in my bedroom)

1)Primary for listening to shared music available on the net. I have Stored plenty in my iPod. Why iPod? Because that way I can have a Jukebox (Party Shuffle feature) running for a specified time.
2)Watching DVD's

3)Listening to Compact Disc

The setup is such that I can watch movies in one room(HT room) and listen to Music in another(Bedroom). Only the Bose speakers are placed in my bedroom rest of the setup is in the HT room

I need to change my receiver for three reasons:

1)My receiver is configured to use the subwoofer so when watching movies the setup is OK. But when listening to stereo in the bedroom the bass/LFE is transfered to the subwoofer and bass is heard in the HT room.The yamaha receiver has a default setting for the subwoofer so its either "there" or "not there".

2)Given the size of the rooms (Both are approx: 15" x 12")There are not much options to control for the speakers (read that some seperate processors have the capability to let you adjust the sound levels on a "speaker" basis)Specifically the Subwoofer since it has lots of power so i am looking for a processor which can address this issue. The bass is horrible from the Jamo subwoofer if the volume is increased to level 2 (There are six sound levels inbuilt in the subwoofer) So am not getting much out of the Subwoofer

3)Since I already have a separates for Amplification why not go for a processor seperate which i will benefit from.

I have considered purchasing Rotel RSP-1068 and a two channel power block Rotel RB-1070

Krell,Lexicon etc.. seem to expensive.Should I consider these brands instead of Rotel? Which Brand and model would be a good companion to the setup I have. Any Suggetions, Advices please.

Thank you
I have the 1068 and I really like it, ofcourse you can spend more, but thats up to your budget and common sense, I like that the Rotel can be configured 1 way for music. 1 way for mp3, and another way for HT..subwoofer options can be on off for each aswell, you can also adjust each channels cross-over wich is great to get the most out of each channel as possible, I run my mains as large, the center will cross over at 60hz, the surrounds at 80hz, I also like the fact that each channel can be adjusted for bass and treble..I run mine flat but its nice that it is there, it is also up-gradable via a supplied computer wire.
My father has the Lexicon flagship it is better but it costs a ton, my choices were between NAD and Rotel, the Rotel had more warmth and just more musical sound.
It also seems alot of folks run Rotel with BW so synergy must be pretty good, I have BW in my set-up but just for my 4 surrounds.
I am sure others will have varied opinions, but at price and features, plus upgradable on top of 5 yr warranty makes Rotel a respected and recomended Processor. IMHO
Thank you Chadnliz for your warm opinion. I have recently contacted my dealer he has actually given me three options:

Brand New Lexicon MC-4 (Does cost a Ton) or

Pre-Owned Lexicon MC-1 (Is Cheaper to the RSP-1068 in Price) and of Course the ..

Brand New Rotel RSP - 1068

I think I will go for the Lexicon MC-1 since it will give me a better Audio each and every time I play it. I heard the Rotel RSP-1068 doesn't sound that great over a period of time. How long have you owned the "1068"

Hey thanks once again for your reply.
Good pick on the Lexi....I like my fathers a bunch.
I would bet that seeing how Rotel is pretty much an entry level Hi-Endish unit that upgrade bugs hit the owners and it starts to become an issue based on the brain not the ears, either way I bet I will upgrade mine in time also so I dont sweat it, hell it still beats the hell out of a one box reciever!
Unless you're getting a huge discount on the Rotel, buy something used. In your price range, the Anthem AVM-20 v2 is a SOLID SOLID buy.
Another one to consider, which I am, is the new Outlaw processor. $1099 list new and has some sweet features and ones you can grow with it appears. I looked at the Rotel and the B&K but both list for more than the Outlaw. Any other thoughts?
If you're looking for bargain new pieces, I'd take a look at the NAD 163, Adcom 860 II, and the new outlaw pre's for reasonable pricing. The Rotel is descent stuff, and always seemed to be solid/dynamic/clear enough for movies...descent on music. This is what I remember.
good luck...