Which Proac would sound better

Guys my system,
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 24/192 cd, mark levinson 380s pre, mark levinson 23 power. Am using Legacy Audio Focus spkrs.
Room size 22'X 12'X 10'(lXbXh). Listen to Western classical mostly & jazz. Spkrs have too much bass. Am thinking abt new in range of 5-8k. Any suggestions. Also how are the Proac D25 & D38.
A good buddy of mine had the Response 2.5's and thought about placing them in the casket with him...should he ever kick the bucket...God forbid!

How close are the speakers to the corners and walls? Give us a little more about your system setup.
I have the Proac D38 and love them. I compared it to many speakers including the B&W N804s and N803S. I have always liked the Proac sounds would not replace it with anything else.

If your budget is $5-8K then I would seriously look at the D38. They are list at $10k and rarely show up on audiogon. You should also listin to the new D28 as it is supposed to be a little better then the D25 that it replaced. I feel that the D38 is worth the difference. Very very involving and musical speaker. It makes you want to listen to music all the time! Perfect speaker for piano and classical music.

However, the D38 are not suitable for a small size room as they are full range speakers. What is your room size?