Which preamps if any combine all these features?

I've finally gotten to the point where a hankering for greater transparency and flexibility have me casually looking around at preamps, but I'm beginning to wonder if a model incorporating my ideal compliment of features is even made. My current pre is a Conrad-Johnson PV-8 w/phono, an all-tube unit from about 12 years ago. I've recently acquired a Camelot Tech Lancelot phono stage, so a linestage would be OK, but is not a prerequisite. Putting aside specifics about sonic preferences, tube vs. SS (will consider either), or system matching (my amp will probably also be changing soon) for the moment, here is the list of features my ideal would have:

Active preamplifier (with useful amount of gain available)
Remote control (wireless) of most functions
Mono switch (I'd love to see a left/right/stereo/mono switch like I have now, for use with old vinyl, but I think that one is too unrealistic to fly!)
Balance control
Mute control
Single-ended (RCA) connection capability
At least 5, and preferrably more, inputs
2 sets external tape loops, with monitor capability
2 sets main outputs
Volume control implemented through discrete resistors or a shunt mechanism, instead of a potentiometer
Digital display for repeatable volume settings
Highest quality parts and construction that can be realistically expected at around up to 2.5K used

Additional features that would be nice, but aren't deal-breakers here:

Detachable power cord
Ability to name inputs
Ability to preset individual inputs' relative gain levels for volume matching across sources
Made in North America

Additional features that I don't require, but that I don't object to, either:

Two-chassis design
Phase inversion control
Balanced (XLR) connection capability
Theater processor thru-put
Phono stage built in
Ability to drive very long interconnects
Metal-case remote
Standby function
Headphone jack (I have an outboard unit already)

The things I am *not* looking for:

A digital pre
Tone controls

The things (besides colored or obscured sound) that I can't put up with:

Something less than competitive S/N ratio
Poor ergonomics
Poor or nonexistent factory service
Switching transients audible at speakers
Recommendations that entail aftermarket mods to realize

OK folks, have at it! (Let me re-emphasize that I am not on a quest here for the Best Sound In The World, I just want to go foward from where I am, which I think is reasonable to expect, as nice a basic little pre as the PV-8 still is.) Am I dreaming, or are there still preamps made with the philosophy that a pre should be a *control* center?! Thanks for taking the time and for your suggestions.
Sounds like you're describing the new PS audio pre amp that should be ready in the next few months.

Check out their site.
I'm looking at the Adcom GFP750...didnt compare all the specs you mentioned, but I know it comes close. Take a look at Adcom's website.
OK until PS audio preamp isn't ready yet you should through them your ideas :^)!
Sounds like you are looking for a Theta Casablanca II.
Look into the Sonic Frontiers Line 2 for a quality tube pre that's loaded with flexibility and features (except phono, of course).
The Simaudio Moon P-5 has everything on the list except mono and phase inversion controls and sounds awesome. You can find them on A'gon for around $2500.
Looks like you were reading the Balanced Audio Technology catalog when you made your wish list. Expensive new (but worth it), reasonably priced used.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have purchased an Innersound preamplifier, which is on its way to me now. I have never heard this unit, so I will be auditioning it carefully, and intend to post my findings. There is not a lot of info available on this still fairly new design, and it is apparently not the most widely distributed, so I couldn't try it in a showroom. Their website contains a link to the one review I have been able to find, by Frank Alles in The Stereo Times webzine (highly positive, FWIW).

From the info on Innersound's website, and much very detailed (and prompt) correspondence kindly directed my way by the proprietor, Roger Sanders, I was able to make the preliminary determination that this design probably would fill my brief as outlined above as well or better than the competition mentioned in the posted responses above.

Getting a newer model from my current manufacturer of choice, Conrad-Johnson, or looking into the BAT or Sonic Frontiers options, is still always a possibility if I'm not blown away by the Innersound, but I want to try and see if I can be happy with the sound of the system without the hassles I've had trying to find and maintain problem-free tubes for the high-gain, small-signal preamplification stage. The Innersound is an FET design that has all the features I wished for, and as far as I can tell, none of the tube options quite comes as close on the features front.

Innersound offers a very generous, no-risk, home audition for 30 days, and even offers to pick up the shipping charges both ways if a customer does not elect to keep the unit (I myself have taken a chance on a warranted dealer demo at a sharp price [thanks to A-Gon], so I won't enjoy this privilege). From what I've gathered, their emphasis is on complete transparency and neutrality combined with an unusually high degree of flexibility and control. (Incidentally, Roger says Innersound is getting close to introducing tubed versions of both the preamp and their ESL amplifier, as requested by their customers.) From the level of personal attention that I've experienced from this maker so far, I would encourage any curious or interested folks to contact Roger for information on any of their products - I'm truly impressed (even though I don't necessarily agree with all the positions he takes in his white paper). And for the record, no, I don't have any affiliation with Innersound, its dealers, suppliers, or distributors - I'm just a guy in search of his next remote preamp. Wish me luck!
Good luck.
Try any of the Levinson's, either on the used market or something new (depending on your budget). I have a 38S converted to 380S status and it's very flexible. 6 inputs (2-balance and 4-rca), remote, mute, invert polarity, balanced/rca outputs, tape loops, detachable powercord (right angle, mounts underneath the unit), no phono stage, super volume control flexability. Check out there web site for more info.
Update: Hammer77b, you da man. But I did have to exceed my original budget, going up considerably beyond my old limit (and around twice as much above my expenditure already) to get a used Levinson 380S in here. The InnerSound is quite good in many respects, but I am still checking out options, and in the early going the ML seems to have the edge, though that's not surprising given the price differential (more than double new). I almost bought a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 before the holidays, but held off when I realized it only has one tape loop, and that its 'mono' switch doesn't really mono the signal fully. Besides, one of my objectives so far has been to try and determine if I can be happy without tubes in my preamp. (However, I may eventually need to bring in a great tube preamp to finally help make that determination regardless, possibly one of the BAT's, a newer C-J, or the SF - the member I bought the ML from was actually going from a Line 3 to a VK-50SE, though he still felt the 380S was a great piece, the best SS pre he'd had, and one he kept longer than the SF). TIA for any wishes of luck... :-)