Which Preamp with JC5? Rogue Audio RP-9 or Parasound JC2

I’m deciding which preamp to use with a Parasound JC5 Amp: JC2 or RP-9?

I’m looking for a spacious, 3D, holographic presentation. I like to fuse the euphonic tube characteristics with the extended frequency response, detail, and dynamics of solid state. I’ve decided on a JC5 Amp, but I’m wondering which preamp will excel in these characteristics, the JC2 or RP-9?

I had a demo Pass XP-22 and X250.8 in my listening room for 2 weeks. It sounded stellar, everything you could want in the sonic department, but the XP-22 required the volume to be turned up 75% to achieve moderate listening levels, which introduces slight noise. The X250.8 developed wobbly XLR connectors after the third IC hook up. I was told that connectors can wobble to break up cable stress - hogwash for a $14k system! I returned the Pass system at a $700 loss. Horrible experience with QC.

I’m ready to try again, this time with a Parasound JC5 and a new preamp. I’ve heard they have no QC issues with the JC5 or JC1+. 

I do have other tube equipment to compare and test the JC5. A Don Sachs 6SN7-based Custom Linestage, Kootenay 120 KT88 Amp, and the Manley Chinook phono stage provide tube galore.



I'm in the same boat but the only Tube pre/amp on my radar is the Backert Labs Rumba 1.3. I'm most likely gonna save tubes for another day and get the Jc2 bypass as I'm curious to hear it with my Jc5 than anything else. The Rogue does sound like an appealing option.

Recently using a Cary Audio SLP-05 preamp with a Parasound a21+ and the results were spectacular- huge spacious sound, tube rectifier warmth and impressive dynamics, transparency and refinement.

You can’t believe it when you plug in a solid state preamp and everything collapses in all directions.

Plug the SLP-05 back in and wow, sound projects out like a 3D movie.

Moved on to another amp- JC5 was one of my choices and I am sure it will sound amazing-  but the Cary pre is here forever.

Forgot about the Cary! but do do to budget constraints at the present time as I've spent a good chunk on a new media stand for the hometheater side of things along with the purchase of an Marantz 30n sacd player the Jc2 will end up being my choice. The good thing is I'll finally have the 2/ch setup I've longed for and think it's a pretty darn good start! 

IME, Rogue preamps are voiced to be neutral, accurate, with great dynamics. Depending on tube selection you will achieve wide and deep soundstaging. Sonic characteristics are too similar to your amp.

the rogue RP1, RH5 and to a lesser extent the RP5 are all dead on neutral.  

never heard the RP9 but owned the RP7 and it sounded too warm and reticent for my preferences.