Which preamp to buy in the 2000.00 range used

My system:
Kimber bifocal xl
Kimber KCAG XLR's
Arcam 23T
Threshold S/5000E
Adcom 750
Triangle Luna's

I'm looking for a new preamp for this system. I trend to like a pre that does not get in the way of the music. No midrange magic, just pure music with nothing taken alway or added. I would concider tubes, but I want to stick with SS. How do the Threshold pre's sound? If anyone might have a glue.
If you're looking for balanced tube preamp, Audio Research LS-5 is your best choice
Why not try a great Passive pre, Bent Audio's "NOH" comes to mind. Placette Audio passive is it's equal in the $1,200 price range. I've listened to both and while I bought the Bent, it wasn't better than the Placette...just different.

The AR LS-5 is a great suggestion also if you can use a balanced design.

Find a Threshold Fet 10e - it would be a perfect match and they sell at about $750 =/- when they appear. Very neutral and natural presentation for SS :-).
I'd try a Pass Aleph P w/remote, (if you don't mind the clicking volume control)- around $1500.00 used.
Or a Pass X, over $2K but I belive worth it..
Just use the passive mode of your GFP-750 if you really want neutral. Otherwise, next best bet is Pass X-1. Not much out there any better. about $2400 used-mint.
I had a Threshold T400 and I preffered the sound of the Classe CP-60 with it over the Threshold T2. It was a magical combination. Time doesn't stand still, and now they are both gone, but not forgotten.
I'm in the same boat. Two things; I am now driving my Bryston amp directly with my cd player. It has a digital remote volume control. SO far it's great. My Bryston BP 25 is sitting to the side for now. The other item I was going to try is the tube pre amp the AE-5 by the Audio Parts people of Cary. I have not tried it, but that's what I would also try.
I have heard and read very good things about the Adcom, so I guess you're like the rest of us, you are ready for a change,,
Good luck..