Which preamp- Pass Labs X1 vs Cary SLP2002

I'm moving 2 channel music away from my HT pre/proc, and I think I've narrowed down my preamp choices to the above, but I am unable to demo, as I am in a rural area.
Associated equipment-
Pass Labs X350 amplifier
Arcam FMJ23 CDP
Proac Response 2.5 spkrs.

I like my Pass amplification, and think there may be something to 'synergy' design from a single manufacturer (and the avail deals on the old style X1's are tempting), but I've also heard thet Proacs 'love tubes'....

Any help in decision making would be appreciated.
I use a Pass Aleph P and an Accuphase amp to drive my Proac 3.8s. I like the P's variable gain adjustment. It also has more resolution and is quieter than the Air Tight and Rogue tube preamps I have used previously. Although I have heard that Proacs like tubes, I am considering a full class A amp over tubes for my next upgrade. You might also consider whether to go with balanced interconnects, the Pass is a fully balanced design.
I use the Pass Labs X1 preamplifier. It is very, very quiet, has terrific resolution and sweetness.
I would recommend either the Cary or Conrad Johnson which is not on your short list but should be.

Dear Jill,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Cary and the Pass X350 are not a good match. The output impedance of the Cary is 440 ohm (single-ended); the single-ended input impedance of the Pass is 10 K ohm. In order to be a good match, the output impedance of the pre would hv to be 100 ohms or less -- even 200 ohms would not be too bad, but at 440 ohms into 10 k ohms, you'll get some loss of dynamics and some truncation of frequencies at the extremes.

Go with the X1 !
The output impedence of the x1 preamp is 200 ohms unbalanced, 750 ohms balanced. The x350 has a 22Kohm input on balanced.

I have owned pass labs aleph 2 amps, the aleph P, and the X1. The X1 is so far the best solid state preamp I have used. It has that rare sense of 'air' that I had previously only heard from a tube preamp. It matched beautifully with the aleph 2's. I have used several other preamps with the alephs, but none matched as well. In fact, I have never heard so much synergy from a matched component set.

It's also a great looking preamp.
I would also suggest the X1 to go with the X350. Once you chose the X350, you set yourself up for an X series preamp. Its that whole "Super-Symmetric circuit topology" that sucks us in to the amplifier's mated preamps. Having gone from an X1 to an X0.2 should show my thoughts on the Pass preamps.
As all Pass customers that have ever called Pass' customer service or engineering depts say- they are the best in the audio business at taking whatever time you need on the phone and will do everything reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) to make sure you are a happy customer.
I realize this may sound like an ad, but I think is good when we as consumers talk about the good companies instead of only bashing the companies that take their customers for granted.
Pass Labs' lack of coloration in their components and their great people are why I have so many pieces of Pass Labs equipment.
I second Aaronm's response concerning Conrad Johnson. They are simply the best.

If you look at Absolute Sound's latest review on the Cary Rocket 88, the reviewer tries the matching Cary preamp. If you read between the lines, he doesn't think much of the preamp. If would consider other recommendations here.