which preamp match best with Krell Evo 402 ?

Recently, I have replaced my Pass X250.5 with Krell EVO 402. Any suggestions heartly wellcome!!!
I am waiting for my Krell Evo 600 to arrive anyday now! Right now I have a Krell 700cx with a tube preamp: Einstein. I also have the Krell 505 SACD.
I think you could go all Krell to utilize their cast input, supposed to be best, so that would be a KCT or Krell Evo 202 or 222 preamp. I could be wrong w/ the model number so check to make sure.
Personally I am afraid an all cast system is too clean hence the sould might be too clinical or dry. I prefer a tube preamp's sounds and characters.
The bottome line is you could match whatever preamp that is best for your ears. There is no wrong or right. Enjoy.
The Evo 202 or the new 222 is the obvious choice imho. We completed an Evo 202/402 and Dynaudio Temptation package a few months back that sounded absolutely stunning. In the top 5 packages I've ever sold, installed, and heard.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Evo's. A very natural sound without the added bass bloat common with some of the other Krell products. This is not to say "bass bloat" is a bad characteristic if that is your taste.

There are so many good pre-amps out there, but I prefer not to mix-n-match if I don't have to. This package not only has phenominal sound, it looks absolutely stunning.
I have an EVO 222 and think it's awesome coming after a ML 326s and an ARC Ref. 3. Do use an upgraded cast cable such as Tara.
I concur on the Evo222. I have one with the Evo600s and it's great, particularly in cast mode.
I see either 202 or 222 will be a nice match acording to suggetions. However, Audio research Ref 3 would be another strong candidate?
Forget the pre-amp, go direct in with a DCS Elgar DAC.
Audio nirvana!
With mediocre ones probably yes, you will be better off going direct from an Elgar Plus to amp. However, given good/excellent ones, no way, Imo running a pre-amp is still the way to go--much better.
Actualy I bought ARC ReF 3 . Thanks for inputs!
I have just upgraded to a BAT Rex with my Krell 402. My previous preamp was the BAT VK-52se. The difference has been wonderful. More musical, even quieter background, more involving. The biggest difference is that I can listen much quieter than before. While everyone else is sleeping I can now listen with the same level of musical involvement as I did before only at a lower volume level. I am sleeping less, but listening more. A truly great, great preamp. I was told by the factory and my dealer that it would be a huge upgrade so one is always skeptical. After about fifteen minutes of listening the old preamp was being packed up. That was a month ago and it has been simply pure musical pleasure. I love the Krell amp. I do not want to go to monobloc amps for lots of reasons (the look of my listening room, my expensive and very long speaker cables-which run under the floor, the location of the equipment) so I was eager to find an upgrade that would make a difference. When you really look at high powered stereo amps there are not a lot of choices, and I think all are more similar than different. I was ready to BUY a VTL S-400 but no one would let me audition it at home for any kind of deal. Sorry guys, but this audiophile doesn't spend $20k on an amp without hearing it in the house, in the system. Krell bent over backward to make me happy, and now so has BAT. And it is not as hot running as I feared it might be.
I would also suggest a tube preamp or a Marklevinson pre which i also like , but bringin in some bloom is a good thing and there are lots of good tube designs to choose from , if you talk squicky clean/dynamic and want phono as well than a plp is a nice choice
I read you ve bought the ARC already , also a nice choice, A zanden pre/ powerful solid state combo should also be nice i think i havent seen it anywhere yet