Which preamp helps lower listening sessions?

Just discovered my system sounds better at low levels. For years I was using a ss preamp but now I moved onto a tube unit. It's resolution is not excellent as I am used to with the simaudio p-5, which preamp will give me the same pleasure as this audio experience a2se preamp but with better resolution. Also the bass lessens at these levels- which preamp will compensate for this without having bass treble controls since I want a straight wire preamp without equalization. Also don't want artificial sounding bass or exagerated but natural sounding bass.
i can think of a few diferent ways a system can sound better at low levels.

in your case, going from the Simaudio ss to the tube preamp, the tubes likely have a warmer, more full character which can satisfy at lower levels, whereas the ss preamp needs to 'get going' before the body and fullness of the music come thru. ss can sound lean and light weight at low levels.

another thing can be the room or speakers or a combination of both. at lower levels room issues are minimized, both in the low frequencies and the highs. depending on what issues there might be low listening levels might avoid those issues.

in a perfect world a system and room is optimal at many different SPL's; since each recording has an ideal volume, and as our moods change so (sometimes) does the volume. if you only listen at low levels your musical choices will get much narrower.
I often listen at low levels also. I like the upper model Conrad Johnson tube preamps like the CT-5 and ACT2 series 2. These use the 6h30 tube which has more extension at both ends than a 6922 (a favotite of mine) which will help at low levels. They are the only preamp I have heard of that uses just one gain stage and has no cathode follower. That cleans things up even more. All this means nothing if it's not implemented right but CJ has a pretty good reputation for their preamps.

I don't think you will find a preamp that "compensates" at low volumes. I suppose it could be done. The Bose Radio has a circuit inside that adjusts freq response at low levels but just because it doesn't have tone controls doesn't mean it's a "straight wire". How about turning up the subwoofer at the low levels to compensate?
TRL Dude. One of the traits of TRL designs is that lower listening levels produce excellent resolution without frequency loss. Another trait is the designs yield highly musical results. Nothing artificial or exaggerated.
A lot of vintage speakers had a problem at low volumes.In roughly the 70's,they(the speaker makers) were supposed to take care of this problem.That's part of the reason for the disappearance of the loudness compensation control.♫
If you find that your system sounds better at lower listening levels, then your new preferred listening levels are most likely minimizing all the shortcomings and distortions that louder volumes cannot mask. Hence, it can sound more 'musical' in some ways.

And what you may have recently discovered is already predominant in most every other system.

That aside, it sounds like you have opted for less resolution in your new preamp but want what your old preamp offered, e.g. tighter bass, etc.. But a good component should be a good component regardless of the reasonable listening volume differences.

Your change in direction toward lower listening levels may make your hobby easier to satisfy, but such potential new colorations and new directions ultimately will take you in the direction opposite of live music. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that if that is indeed your intention.

But you should keep in mind that all live performances consist of exactly 100% detail. Never more and never less. Regardless of your seating perspective.

Along that same vein, I would also like to suggest that when in doubt, err on the side of detail and resolution. The better resolution is ultimately the only means of locating the flaws in a given system and the only means toward a more natural and musical sonic presentation.

But when one attempts to mask the flaws (or concentrate on the affects rather than the cause) via the selection of certain components or listening levels, they are inevitably masking the music as well as the flaws.

By the way my sytem never sounded this good. I just bought an lp recording of piano music and I never heard a better sound in my room. It just may that this audio experience preamp is very good!
Hello Pedrillo,

I'm glad you asked this question. Mike's response is particularly illuminating. Thanks, Mike! :-)

Agreed. Especially pertaining to ss preamp can be lean, that is my experience with present equipment.
I own an Audio Experience tube preamp (V2R) and love it! Whats interesting is that at a fraction of the cost it beat out most all the Conrad Johnson and Audio Research preamps I've tried. It also sounds very good at low and high levels & yes it comes with a remote.