Which preamp for Rowland 9Ti?

I am looking for a good preamp(used) that I can mate to a 9Ti amp. Needs to have processor bypass, so I can use the preamp for audio and the processor for A/V. I know it would be logical to stay with Rowland for the synergy between the two, but not sure about the bypass. Considering a Krell KRC-HR, good deals on the used market. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Been using for 6 months and the more I learn about components and accoustic music the better it sounds, plus it seemed broke-in within first few seconds; I heard that the man-that-factures-these breaks the ELAD in prior to shipping to ensure at max operational capacity thru-out lifetime. P.S. Forget all that A/V B.S. 2 ears=2channels!
Audio Research LS-16 tube preamp. I use it, and tubes should add musicality (it did for me when I compared against SS Rowland pre- 'your results may vary' as they say). Also, the LS-16 has processor bypass, and can probably be had used around $2.5k. Depends on budget I guess- lots of other choices I'm sure. Good luck!
I also have 9Ti's. i ended up getting a Coherence 2,for $9000 as a demo. They can be had for $7000 used. I am delighted with the sound and use the bypas mode for my integrated home theater.