which preamp for my virgos?

i'm in the market for a new pre-amp to mate with the virgos and my s/s symphonic line amplifier. i would prefer a tube pre-amp and am currently using an old cj PV-8 pre-amp. any suggestions for a piece under 4k?

Hi Trgi, S/Line make their own tube pre ("Enlightment") that partners well with the amps. This said, WHICH S/Line amp do U use? Some amps are a tad bass-heavy to match symmetrically light pre-amps & S/Line speakers. If it's a RG1 (I assume U have a stereo amp??), you'll need a fast, detailed (esp. in the upper register) and bottom-light tube pre; if you have a RG7 you'll have to add increased dynamics to get the best out of the amp & speakers combo. I partner my RG7 with S/Line's Kraftquelle pre (ss)... Another tube pre that gave me awesome results is the CAT Ultimate, but that's well over 4K. AR's LS line could be an option -- but U must audition extensively.
I beleive Rolf Gemein (Mr Symphonic Line) partners his equipment principally with ss; I suggest U give ss a chance too, 1st with S/Line's own, then with other equipment that share the same reproduction "philosophy": speed, dynamics, hi-level resolution -- such as YBA, Goldmund, Pass... there are many others.

IMO, Virgo + Symphonic is a great way to go, I was very happy with a similar combo (RG7 + Avanti); I upgraded the speakers but kept my S/Line amplification...
Good luck, & if U need information I can give, don't hesitate.

i tried to e-mail you but for some reason my e-mail wouldn't go thru. would you mind e-mailing me so i could send my questions directly? i'd like to talk about the SL pre-amp you mentioned and also cables that might match well. my amp is a SL S-200. thanks. my e-mail is trgi@flash.net