Which Preamp?

I would like to buy a new pre amp and have heard good things about a few. Soundstage raved about the first sound precense deluxe. The morrison ELAD gets rave reviews on audioreview.com. TAS loved the Placette. Does anyone have any experience with these or others that they can relate?
The presence is by far the best you have named. I have heard and sold all the others.
Pass Labs x-0, x-1
Have used the Morrison ELAD for over 4 months and consider it the best music lover purchase I ever made. Built like two small tanks, this preamp and seperate power block will last you and your heirs a lifetime. All the stuff that tears up on other preamps ain't even on the ELAD, and that is a very good thing! It is pure and simple, it reproduces what was recorded more exactly than anything else short of your 2 ears being there 6 row center as the music was being recorded. I am currently using Sony Sacd to ELAD to Krell FPB 200c to KEF 4's and would not trade for less than title to an acre of Jamaican blue forest green coffee bean and related spices producing property overlooking Ocho Rios. Buy the damn thing! It is IMO and the Audio Critic's opinion the best measured preamp ever; and, to me the sweetest and cleanest and most satisfying preamp I have ever lived with, either passive or active.