which preamp

I am looking for a tube sounding preamp but solid state!
can anyone recommend any preamps that have those trates
Well as tube gear becomes more solid state sounding and vice versa, this isn't as hard to do as it used to be. Look for a 7 series preamp from Klyne Audio Arts.
Pass XP series are very good ......
PranaFidelity has an impressive balanced preamp.
Class A rated pre's such as threshold, aragon, sumo, pass...
I agree with Syntax,nada! Why bother just get a tube preamp?
Wondering why you are looking for solid state tubelike sound....
However, I had a nice preamp from conrad-johnson which had the tube-like presentation of their "house sound". The Premier 18LS. It might fit your bill. On occasion it appears here on Audiogon.
+1 on Klyne. If you are lucky enough to find one.
You could go for a low maintenance tube preamp like one from Herron.
As others have said, none, but one of the most musical SS preamps out there, and excellent at typ used prices, is the Tom Evans Vibe with Pulse or Pulse II power supply. Make sure to get the Lithos 7 model.
What are your requirements in terms of ergonomics? McIntosh ss is oftentimes called tube-like and has plenty of bells and whistles.

Above recommendations are very good, and I'm also wondering why not a tube pre? Are you concerned with impedance matching with your amps?t

I have a Lamm LL2 I'm delighted with, which has been basically non-maintenence. Of course, ergonomically it's pretty low on the list, but that's not high on my list.
I believe that you'll find a SS preamp that will make you happy, however it won't sound like a good tube preamp. They're just different and should be.
Have to agree with Syntax. If you truly desire tube performance you need a tube preamp.
THird the none,good luck,Bob
I noticed Elevick mention Sumo, the Athena or Athena II (same preamp)is warm and rich, one of the nicest inexpensive preamps around, the Electra was fairly accurate, but could get gritty on top, it needed parts changes, the Electra plus was a bit overly smooth for my taste and was not as detailed ad the Athena or Electra.
I'm not sure what price range that you are chasing, these are inexpensive pre's, any could be had under $400.... No Remotes, single ended only.... a few Athena II had the balanced option. Not sure what your after, thought I'd chime and hope this helps.
I would recommend the Bel canto pre3 and look for a nice powerful tube or SS amp! Find a cable to match. It never ends!
No such thing Hello!!
Both SS and tube have their + and - so never understood why someone wants a SS that sounds like tubes.

Checkout WADAX PRE One Mk2. I know someone replaced a Robert Koda Takumi K10 in his system ... totally blew it away. It also contains an integrated DAC and can add a phono module if desire.