Which Preamp??

Helping a friend with a preamp decision. First up is the Spectral DMC6, then the Sumo Athena, then the Craver C-1 and C-2.

Must be solid state with on board phono section which all four of these have.

My nod of course goes to the Spectral, then the Athena and for me would not even consider the Carver units.

Of course the Spectral is the most expensive of the four, but in my opinion head and shoulders above the rest.

I remember the Sumo unit, but just don't know much about it.

His power amp is a CJ 2100 solid state power amp, turntable VPI Scout with Benz MC cartridge. Speakers Vandersteen 2CE Signature MK II.

If anyone has info on the Sumo preamp or the Carver units let me know and I will forward to him.
all sound their best when paired with like-brand amps. the carver of course being the least expensive, but certainly a great bargain.
Paired a Motiff MC8 preamp with his system. Motiff is a high end CJ brand. Anyway way to much gain with that pre at 27.7 dB worth of gain. Volume control at 7oclock was normal listening and at 9 oclock setting was a damn near concert levels. Sames specs apply to the CJ PF1 pre as well. The Motiff MC8 is one killer preamp, but not a good match with the CJ 2100 amp. Go figure??
Keep the friendship alive. Go with your nod.
Just trying to convince him to pony up for the Spectral and that it is that huge a difference.