Which preamp?

Hi, I have a Simaudio Moon w-3 poweramp and use a Moon i-3 integrated amp as a preamp. I want a better preamp that will make my w-3 sing 100%. I have been looking at the new Moon P5.3 and some tube preamps. I have tried a Moon P-5 and it was a little better but I had some noise from the speakers that was not there with the i-3, maybe a mismatch or something was other was wrong.
Any experiences/suggestions?
I recently bought a Cary SLP98P Preamp that was hooked up to a McIntosh 7270 amp w/ a Carver C-1 Preamp. Replacing the Carver Preamp with the Cary made an unbeleivable difference. Then I sold the 7270 and hooked up a Cary V12R amp. All tubes made so much of a difference to me that I also sold a graphic eq, parametric eq, spatial enhancer, DBX Range Expander, and BBE Sonic Maximizer, and no longer need any signal processors! I used everything to record music and no longer hear the difference. Good luck. Polk432
Cary slp-98L....still affordable..match with 2-mc-225 and run as mono.Great result.no complain.good pre-amp with tube rolling.
Tnx I will have a look at the Cary.