Which preamp?

I am making the move to SACD and now am faced with this choice.
Which preamp to put into the system to replace my Krell KPS-25sc
(CD and preamp combined). Does anyone have experience with this choice:

The Pass x-1 using IC cables to connect to my Krell 400cx amp or
a Krell KCT that connects to the amp with the Krell CAST cables.

any advice is most appreciated (and other recommendations as well). thanks.
I think I would keep the 25 and add the SACD feeding it.

Please make sure that the CD playback equals the 25's, or you will probably be very sad that you sold it.

Otherwise, stay with the CAST connection via the KCT.

This is just my opinion. I sold my older Krell and got a new SACD player. Thank goodness, it beats my older set-up. I find that I have so much on CD, that CD's are still my main source material....by far.

I am inclined to agree with you. There is no question however that the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD player sounds clearly better on redbook CDs and of course SACD. It sounds so much better that I have immediately begun thinking about upgrading other areas of the system. The TAS has said that the KPS is a very good linestage and I may keep it but I can't help but think that the newer KCT preamp has to sound better just by virture that the only goal of audio technology is to get better. I am going to audition a Pass X-1 preamp next week (of course without the CAST connection to the amp) and I will post a follow up.

Then again there are the rumors that SACD is going to be dropped as a format and DVD-A is going to be the chosen format upgrade. I may have to wind up with a universal player of some kind such as the Linn 1.1 or 2.1,