Which Pre/Pro gives the biggest bang for the buck?

I would like to know which HT preamp/processor provides the most performance for the money in the used market? I'm not interested in HDMI. I'm only familiar with B&K products which I understand is the Low of the High End, like the B&K REF20($200) REF30($400) REF50($600). These to me represent good bargains/performance for money. I was wondering if there is a similiar or better deal out there to be had with comparable or better performance.
Proceed AVP - you can get one for about 900$ and it perfroms at the 4k level. It's 5.1, not 7.1, and the support is through madrigal/harmon even though the proceed brand is now defunct. It's built like a tank. I had one and sold it to upgrade to a Krell HTS 7.1.. in retrospect i'm not sure i advanced any. just got itchy...
If you'd like to go brand new, check out the upcoming Emotiva products - world-class components with most every bell and whistle. And their prices are VERY competitive. I'm grabbing a UMC-1 when they are released this Fall...


Anthem AVM20.
Meridian 568 7:1 DTS THX DD nice DAC
Aragon Soundstage. They occasionally appear here but EBay seems to have a lot more of them.
The Holy Grail is one that was upgraded to 7.1.
Nice but not necessary.